NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- It’s a big travel week across the country, with Thanksgiving on Thursday.

Lots of people will be coming in and out of the Charleston International Airport.

The Thanksgiving holiday rush is upon us.

The Charleston International Airport is recommending that travelers arrive 90 minutes before departing for a domestic flight and 2 hours before if it’s an international flight.

“I try to come earlier, at least an hour before. Preferably two hours just in case something happens I can get through the lines,” Thanksgiving traveler, Gene Kennedy said.

Airport officials also say to plan your parking, parking spaces fill quickly during busy travel periods.

If you have to park in remote parking, a complimentary shuttle service is provided.

To save time during the check-in process, officials say to take advantage of the Check ‘N Go free baggage check in service for domestic travel.

Kennedy said, “I love this check-in, curbside check in. It makes it so much easier to go where you’re going.”

Lastly, pack carry-on luggage wisely.

You can head over to the “What Can I Bring” tab on the transportation security administration website to see what can be packed in carry on and checked baggage.

Travelers saying its looking like it’ll be a great week to travel in and out of Charleston.

“I’m glad the weather is nice and cooperating, we don’t have to worry about any hurricanes or rain today. It’s a happy day, it’ll be happy to be picked up at the other end too. I hope everybody has a happy Thanksgiving,” Kennedy said.