The Federal Aviation Administration says it will issue safety certificates for newly made Boeing 737 Max Jets


The Federal Aviation Administration said when the time comes, it’ll issue safety certificates for newly made Boeing 737 Max Jets.

The planes are still grounded worldwide after two deadly crashes overseas.

Boeing is still making the 737 Max. Right now, more than 300 finished Max Jets are sitting in storage. Boeing delivered nearly 400 before the Max was grounded.

Before the deadly crashes, Boeing employees certified the planes. Now the FAA said it will do that.

However, this does not apply to planes approved before the 737 Max Jets were grounded back in March. Investigators believe a new flight-control system played a role in the deadly crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

Senior FAA officials appeared to know little about a new flight-control system on the plane, which played a role in crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. The FAA relied on analysis and testing by Boeing employees, whose work was supposed to be overseen by federal inspectors.

Boeing now says it expects to start delivering 737 Max planes again next month.

The company also says it hopes the FAA gives final approval in January for the planes to take off again. The FAA has not confirmed when that approval and delivery will happen.

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