CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The City of Charleston says litter has been an issue on King Street for some time and now they’re hoping they’ve found a solution to that problem with the unveiling of a new industrial vacuum cleaner known as the Glutton.

A Glutton for cleaning Holy City walkways.

“The Glutton is a 100 percent electric vacuum for the sidewalks basically is what it is,” Matt Alltop, superintendent for the City of Charleston’s Environment Services Department, said. “It’s all self-contained. So, the object of it is to take it down King Street, Market and some of the tourist areas and help with the litter problem that we’ve been having down there.”

The state-of-the-art vacuum is being used in more than 40 countries, but this is the first one in the United States.

“It’s pretty exciting for us,” Alltop said. “Charleston being the first one to have one of these.”

Alltop says environmental services continuously searches for ways to improve the city’s value.

“Tourists areas,” he said, “there’s a lot of traffic down there, and we want to make sure that we present a clean environment for all those people when they’re here. So, we’re always looking for new technology that’s going to be way better than broom and dustpan, which is what we’re doing now.”

Those using the Glutton say it’s already made a world of difference.

“It’s the best thing they ever made,” environmental services worker Jarell Green said. “I’m glad they made it for us because sweeping on our backs, it kind of hurts. This project will change our lives.”

And the city may look to get even more gluttonous in the future.

“Our plan would be,” Alltop said, “if it runs like we expect it will, would be to add a second and possibly a third one. So, that way there’s one on each side of the sidewalk and then one in the market.”

Environmental services says you can expect to see the Glutton cleaning sidewalks every day from 7:00 a.m. to 7 p.m.