BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) — Neighbors in Berkeley County say they are dealing with trash troubles as a result of issues with the county-contracted trash services company, Carolina Waste.

In July 2020, trash services in some Berkeley County areas switched to Carolina Waste as the provider, and since then some people have said they are not happy with the company’s performance.

“We’re stressed out all over and we didn’t need another issue like trash,” said James Echon, who lives in Goose Creek.

Echon said he first noticed problems with the company after doing yardwork during his spring cleaning.

“I have four palm trees in my front yard that I trim the leaves off and it leaves a big pile,” he said.

Echon explained that he tried to schedule a pickup time for the yard debris as he did with the previous company. However, he said each appointment came and went with no one showing up to collect the debris.

He said it remained on his curb for a few weeks until he finally called again and was notified that Carolina Waste would no longer pick up bulk items or yard debris.

Despite the company’s website listing yard waste removal as a provided service, Echon said he was told he would need to hire a private company to take care of the pile.

“And well it cost me $300 to do that,” he said.

Echon said he’s not alone. Other neighbors and residents who are serviced by Carolina Waste have complained of similar issues.

In the College Park area, yard debris and furniture were sitting in front of houses, and some empty trashcans were knocked over while others were still full.

Echon said he and others in the area are frustrated because when Carolina Waste took over the trash services, he said they were told services would stay the same.

News 2 reached out to Carolina Waste by phone and email for a response but has not heard back.

Berkeley County leaders said they are actively reviewing residents’ concerns and they invited Carolina Waste to give an update on their services at the next Public Utilities Committee Meeting on Monday, August 14.

Echon said he hopes there will be some accountability for the company not living up to its promises.

“They forgot about the community,” he said. “Find a way to solve this issue.”

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. at the County Administration Building in Moncks Corner.