Unfinished business: pool delays in a Johns Island neighborhood

The Investigators

Last week, the Count on 2 investigators covered a story about unfinished business in a new development in Mount Pleasant.

Since airing that story, several other homeowners reached out to News 2 looking for answers as to what’s causing delays in their own communities.

The plans for the Stonoview neighborhood on Johns Island boast several different amenities including a community pool, tennis courts, and boat storage but years later nothing has been built. Neighbors, like Francine Rivera, say they are growing frustrated with the long construction process.

“We have a small child and we would not have picked this neighborhood had we known we wouldn’t have a pool for another 4 years.”

The plans for the community pool led the Riveras to a decision not to build a pool at their own home.

“We’re not going to put a pool in our backyard because we’ll have the big pool here.”

Rivera claims she was told the pool would be completed by summer of 2017. Several other homeowners shared similar stories.

“They told us that the pool would be built the following summer — like I said we closed the end of 2016, they said by Summer of 2017.”

After months of waiting, homeowners voiced their concerns to the HOA manager who blamed the delays on issues with the City of Charleston. That explanation, however, was not good enough for Rivera.

“We’re all frustrated for sure, very frustrated, but it’s almost like we’ve given up, you were the last resort.”

Our investigation revealed the city’s planning department didn’t receive initial plans for the pool until well after it was supposed to be opened.
In the meantime, Rivera and others were left wondering where their HOA fees were going.

“Our question is where is all this money? Why are we paying full amenities when we aren’t going to be totally built out until maybe 2020-2021?”

The HOA manager failed to comment on these issues, but Lennar issued the statement written below:

“The amenity has been delayed by a number of factors outside Lennar’s control – including a 16-month approval and permitting process as well as prolonged adverse weather that postponed excavation and foundations.”

City of Charleston spokesman Jack O’Toole responded to Lennar’s comment saying:

“As these records indicate, the developer received final approval shortly after completing a submission that met all state and local stormwater and drainage requirements. Building permits were then issued in a timely fashion as requested.”

Despite the delays, Lennar says the 1.3 million dollar pool and clubhouse facility is approximately 80 percent complete and expected to open in Fall 2019.

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