CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – It was an icy weekend in the Lowcountry.

“It’s been so warm for so long, it sort of did come out of the blue. I did not expect a day like this,” said Mount Pleasant resident William Sprott.

On Saturday evening, falling chunks of ice prompted Charleston Police to shut down all Northbound lanes of the Ravenel Bridge. Two of the Southbound lanes were closed too. They have all since reopened.

South Carolina Highway Patrol said drivers were met with slick roads Saturday morning. They said the main problem areas were bridges, overpasses, and ramps.

According to Trooper Nick Pye, there were three crashes on the US 52 Connector in North Charleston Saturday morning. One occurred when a truck spun out and traveled over a guard rail. No injuries were reported.

Pye said ice was no longer a concern in the Tri-County area on Saturday night. However, he advised drivers to be prepared as temperatures drop.

“If you are out and about, even if it’s a trip to the gas station that’s three miles from your house just take the extra few minutes to make sure your car is good to go, make sure you pack a blanket, your cell phones got a full battery, make sure you have gas in your car,” said Pye.

Although ice is not a concern in the Tri-County area, Pye said other parts of the state could see it. He said to use caution if traveling.

While the cold kept many people inside, some were outside enjoying it like Penny Wallace and Ellie Barham who took a walk across the bridge.

“It feels good.” “It’s not that bad,” they both agreed.