Three new C grades issued to Lowcountry restaurants


Restaurants in Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, and Charleston have work to do to get their grades restored after the latest round of inspections.

Coorg Indian Cafe on Ben Sawyer in Mount Pleasant dropped to a C after a follow-up inspection on March 6. The grade slipped despite an 89% on the report.

According to that report, a consecutive hand washing violation contributed to the grade. The inspector noted cook handled their phone twice, touched their hair and face and didn’t wash their hands and put on new gloves before going back to work.

Also, a consecutive “priority violation” for cooling time and temperatures, and cooling methods.

DHEC inspectors also issued C grades to Southern Roots. 

The inspector found a consecutive priority violation for rodent droppings along the baseboards in the bar area.

Cracked Egg on Savannah Highway in Charleston also dropped to a C despite a 98% on the inspection report. Violations related to the dishwashing machines were the reasons for the drop.

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