CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Charleston County Government has tips to lower the risk of mosquito bites this summer.

Mosquitos are the “most studied animal on the planet, because they are the most dangerous animal on the planet,” according to Charleston County Taxonomist, Ed Harne.

Harne says there are upwards of fifty types of mosquitos in Charleston County.

Charleston County Mosquito Control Manager, Bryan Hayes reminds residents that mosquitos require water to breed.

Mosquitos typically breed in the following areas:

  • On top of standing water.
  • Where water dries out and returns.
  • In a container like a birdbath or flowerpot.

Charleston County’s Mosquito Control Program spearheads mosquito control across 1,353 square miles.

According to Charleston County, the program monitors land for rain events, sprays land with spray trucks and aerial spray systems, and performs treatment as needed.

The County advises residents to take the following steps ‘fight the bite’ this season:

  • Use deet products.
  • Wear long-sleeve clothing.
  • Flush standing water in pet dishes, birdbaths, and plant saucers that have been held for three or four days.
  • Put window screening over rain-collecting barrels and buckets.
  • Keep roof gutters cleaned of leaves and branches.
  • Cover swimming pools and maintain recommended chlorine levels.
  • Pull drain plugs out of uncovered boats and secure boat covers to shed rainwater.

Charleston County’s Mosquito Control Program is located in North Charleston at 4370 Azalea Avenue.

Contact Charleston County Mosquito Control at (843) 202-7880 with mosquito-related questions or concerns.