Town of Summerville working to update comprehensive plan to guide future planning decisions


The Town of Summerville is beginning to update a plan that will guide the towns elected leaders and staff on planning and zoning decisions.

Last week, town staff and members of a special committee met to start updating the town’s comprehensive plan that was last updated in 2009.

Parts of the plan now include future land use, transportation design, priority investment areas, population, natural resources, energy, housing, community facilities, economic development, cultural resources and BCDCOG travel demand. 

“The comprehensive plan is a guide to guide the town over the next 10 years,” said Town Councilman Bob Jackson, who is serving on the special advisory committee for the plan. “So we’ll take until the end of the year to get public input and find out where the public wants to go and then make a guide out of that and it’ll go to council to be approved.”

Councilman Jackson also said that the comprehensive plan is directly related to the town’s United Development Ordinance which is also being reviewed now. He said that the UDO is different than the comprehensive plan because it lays out the laws for planning and zoning.

The councilman told News on Tuesday that he already has some ideas about what he would like to see in the comprehensive plan. 

“The downtown area, as you see improving, is always a priority area but now we have the Sheep Island Interchange that’s trees but a lot of developers want to be out there so I see that as a high priority so that it ends up the way the town wants,” he said. “Also, protecting the Ashley River and what the public would like to see in the new park next to Jessen Boat Landing.”

The public meetings will be held at dates that will be determined at a later date.

“It’s really important for our growth. We’ve had statistics tell us that we’re going to have over 100,000 people in the area over the next ten years so we need that plan to set guidelines,” said town spokesperson Mary Edwards.

One local resident said they would like to see the town invest more in sidewalks.

“I would like them to look into sidewalks and repairing more of the roads,” said Carol Duncan. “Summerville isn’t really a town that you can walk. You can walk through the [Hutchinson Square] park up here and everything but most places don’t have sidewalks.”

The comprehensive plan is required to be approved by town council and is expected to be finalized by the end of the year.

To view the town’s current comprehensive plan, visit the Town of Summerville’s website.

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