SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News)- A Salt Lake City man is accused of raping a woman and telling her he was going to “fix the gay.”

Adam Quinn Atwood, 34 was arrested on Wednesday and is facing several charges including object rape, forcible sex abuse kidnapping, and aggravated sexual assault.

According to arresting documents, the victim was visiting Atwood’s wife at their home the night of the alleged attack.

The victim told police when she got there the couple was intoxicated. After a while she left, but she said Atwood convinced her to walk to a nearby convenience store with him.

The reported assault and rape happened when they got back to the house, she said.

“She told the suspect to stop and no and he asked her if she was sure she didn’t like it and if she was sure she was gay,” the probable cause statement reads.

The victim told police she tried to leave but Atwood “grabbed her by the back of the neck and forced her back into the house.” She said he pushed her down the stairs, picker her up and pushed her down to the basement. He then “placed his arm around her neck and choked her, she stated she could kinda breathe and possibly blacked out,” documents state.

Atwood reportedly kept on with the assault. Police records state the victim reported she is lesbian and kept telling the suspect “she didn’t like guys” in an attempt to get him to stop.

“[The vicim] stated the suspect told her he was going to fix the gay,” records state.

The victim said she also tried to remind the suspect that his wife and children were upstairs, but that didn’t stop him.

At some point, the victim told police she was able to fight back and get away. “She made it to her vehicle and as she locked the doors the suspect ran up to the car and yelled ‘you better not tell anyone’,” arresting documents state.

When Atwood was arrested he told police he “did not rape anyone” and then requested a lawyer, records state.

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