CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – 54-year-old Thelonious Lamar Green was reported missing on June 4th after last being seen leaving a gathering in Adams Run.

Charleston County law enforcement officials searched for Green’s blue 2003 Ford F-150 over the next week, but were unsuccessful locating it.

Green’s wife, Ethel, contacted the Illinois-based dive team, Chaos Divers, when she suspected her husband’s vehicle was submerged in a nearby body of water.

“We asked her what would be his most likely route,” Lindsay Bussick from Chaos Divers said, “and in doing so, Penny Creek Landing obviously was our first choice with him being last seen on that road. With Willtown Bluff being our second choice.”

The civilian dive team then headed to Penny Creek.

“We searched several different spots on Penny Creek,” Chaos Divers founder Jacob Grubbs said, “and then we came back here to Willtown Bluff. When I crossed over it, I said, ‘This object right here doesn’t look right.’”

Grubbs says recently submerged objects are difficult to spot on sonar technology, but he determined it was a vehicle.

“When seeing that on the sonar,” he said, “I said, ‘Lindsay, this is what we’ve been looking for.’”

The team’s dive was delayed Friday due to inclement weather, so they returned to the scene the next day.

“Saturday,” Bussick said, “again found a marked vehicle, and Jacob prepared to dive on the vehicle and he did so and when he had surfaced, he had the plates that matched Lamar’s license plate number.”

After their discovery, Chaos Divers contacted law enforcement to remove the vehicle from the river and reached out to Green’s wife.

“Calling Ethel that evening and letting her know that the object that we had found was indeed a truck,” Bussick said, “and the license plates that we removed from it did match that of Lamar. That’s never an easy conversation to have with anyone.”

The Charleston County Coroner’s Office is expected to identify the remains found in the recovered vehicle in the coming days.