GREENVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – Victims of alleged sexual abuse and assault at a competitive cheerleading gym in upstate South Carolina are calling for justice. A victim attorney claims the owner of Rockstar Cheer in Greenville and other coaches used alcohol and drugs to molest underage team members for years. The gym’s owner and the man accused of the action, Scott Foster, committed suicide last week.

Attorney Bakari Sellers says Foster and other coaches at Rockstar Cheer Greenville have been sexually abusing and assaulting underage boys and girls at the facility for at least more than a decade. They’re calling for major changes to how dance schools operate.

“Mr. Foster on numerous occasions pried young woman with alcohol and marijuana,” says Sellers.

“That this has likely been going on for more than a decade,” says James Banister, another attorney representing victims in the case.

Victims began coming forward over the last several weeks, also alleging others close to the facility have helped to cover it up for years.

“We have victims that go as far west as San Diego, California,” says Sellers. “Some are nearly 40 years old, some as young as still minors today.”

Sellers says investigations began roughly eight weeks ago, prompting law enforcement to look into the claims.

Attorneys say the investigation into other coaches and those connected to the location is ongoing and that electronics from the gym were seized during a search.

“We need to make sure that the crosshairs of justice are pointed at the right people so that justice can be served,” says Banister.

Victims’ names will remain private for now. Attorneys say they plan to take civil action against parent cheer companies to change regulations while searching for more victims.

“We need other people to come forward to tell their story,” says Banister. “We need people to come forward to expose the individuals who are also sexual predators in this group.”

A gym in Charleston previously under the same name has since cut all ties with Rockstar Cheer Greenville and changed its name. In a statement, the newly formed Delta Force Athletics says Foster never visited the Charleston location and says the relationship was based on previously having the same name.