MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Volunteers gathered along Shem Creek Saturday morning to collect plastic from the waterway as a part of the nationwide ‘Protect Our Beaches’ campaign.

Corona USA and United By Blue, a sustainable clothing brand with a mission to clean up the environment, have partnered to clean up beaches nationwide on a camapgin they call ‘Protect Our Beaches’.

The goal of the campaign is to clean up one million pounds of trash, specifically plastic, over the next five years.

The campaign strives to collect one pound of plastic from each of its 100 beach clean ups.

‘Protect Our Beaches’ made its last stop of the season on Saturday in Charleston.

Hundreds of volunteers gathered at the Shem Creek Boardwalk Saturday morning to gather plastic from the waterway.

According to Arianna McAnulty, the Impact Coordinator with United By Blue, clean-up materials were provided to nearly 100 volunteers.

“Shem Creek is on our radar because it’s a highly trafficked area. Lots of people, lots of people out having fun, but unfortunately with that comes the consequence of litter and accidental waste being places it shouldn’t be,” McAnulty said.

At the end of the event, United By Blue will weight the trash collected to measure campaign progress.