House to vote on debt ceiling extension, but only for six weeks

Washington D.C. Bureau

WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — With less than a week left before the country runs out of money, the House is voting to raise the debt limit.

The vote is expected to happen Tuesday evening. It will allow the country to pay for things like the military and social security — but only for about six weeks, when Congress will need to figure out a more long-term solution.

Republicans lining up to vote ‘no’ on raising the nation’s debt ceiling.

“While I recognize the necessity of addressing the debt ceiling, I continue to have reservations about the course the majority is following,” said Representative Tom Cole (R-OK).

Cole complained about what he called a “rushed process.”

“Democrats aren’t even willing to put up with an hour of debate for a measure that increases the debt ceiling by 480 billion dollars,” he said.

Cole said if the work had been bipartisan, then the votes would be too.

However, Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA) said Congress has been debating the issue for weeks.

“It’s absurd to somehow suggest that people don’t know what they’re doing here,” McGovern said. “We actually had a full debate and a vote on increasing the debt ceiling.”

He said today’s vote is simply to approve revisions made by the Senate and avoid a financial meltdown.

“My Republican friends seem content on just driving the car off a cliff,” McGovern said. “It would be disastrous if we were to default.”

The changes by the Senate to this bill will only stave off a possible financial crisis until December. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Congress needs to stop bickering about the debt and pass a law to take politics out of it.

Democrats, however, say they prefer Congress to lift the debt ceiling in a bipartisan way — as it has been done 80 times in the past, including under the former administration.

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