CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Residents in West Ashley say street racing happens often along HWY-61 and now they’re speaking up to have something done about it. 

A need for speed for drivers on HWY-61.

“During the middle of the day and even the night,” West Ashley resident Brian Lars said. “All you hear is, I’m not sure if it’s cars or Ninja bikes, but all night all you hear is them zooming past, going way past the speed limit.”

Lars says near where he lives, in the Springfield subdivision, there’s a lot of street racing.

“This goes on every day and I just hear it on my street,” Lars said. “I may have seen them once or twice do it, but I’ve never actually witnessed and caught them do it. You hear them on 61 about every other night or so.”

He worries about the safety of other drivers on the roadway.

“I’m concerned about not only them,” Lars said. “They could get their selves killed. And kill somebody else and hit somebody dead on and cause an accident. That’s why I felt compelled to make the post and that’s why I had to call the Charleston Police Department.”

After his call, he noticed HWY-61 became quiet.

“Ten minutes after I called, the racing stopped,” Lars said.

Lars says he would like more done to keep this roadway safe.

“We need more police out here in the area and it’s a shame,” he said. “Like I said, that there’s not enough police force out here to help with this.”

Charleston Police Department says when they receive complaints about racing on HWY-61, officers go out to patrol the area, and they say they will continue to keep an eye on the roadway.