CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Thousands across the Lowcountry went to the polls on Tuesday to cast their vote in a number of local elections. Some voters, though, said they don’t think the new voting system is as confidential.

The new voting machines that were used statewide for the first time Tuesday are meant to eliminate voting booths and use privacy screens instead.

However, Charleston County election officials said they have received complaints from voters who fear that others could see their ballot.

They say they’ll take those concerns to the State Election Commission who is responsible for moving the state to this new voting system.

“Some voters did feel like the privacy screens might not have been high enough or maybe we could have spread them out more, so those are the things we are going to relay to the State Election Commission and see what they think about those sorts of things,” said Joseph Debney, Director of Elections for Charleston County.

In Charleston County, nearly 55,000 ballots were cast in Tuesday’s general election using the state’s new voting machines.