CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Candidates who came out on top during last week’s primary election are hitting the campaign trail once again to prepare for the November 8th general election.

Charleston County Democrats came together this morning to spread a message of unity and encouraged voters to put their trust in the Democratic party come November.

“The stakes could not be higher,” said Dr. Annie Andrews, the democratic candidate for the state’s first congressional district. “If we unify and we mobilize, we can keep Charleston blue, we can flip SC-01 back to blue, and we can take the Governor’s Mansion.”

Some candidates believe Charleston is the jumping-off point for change.

“We have an awesome chance of keeping Charleston blue,” said Teddie Pryor, a Charleston County Councilmember.

“The fact is that Charleston has been the place that has led the way and showed us how to come together after a primary season and get to work and win,” said another member of the Charleston Democrats.

One race that has a lot of eyes on it pits Congresswoman Nancy Mace against political newcomer Dr. Annie Andrews for a spot in Washington.

South Carolina’s first congressional district has been filled by a Republican for 40 years except when former Congressman Joe Cunningham flipped it for one term in 2018. Dr. Andrews, a pediatrician at Shawn Jenkins Childrens Hospital, believes she can flip the seat again this November.

“No one will work harder than I will this election cycle,” she said. “I am used to hard work. When I set a goal for myself I do everything possible to achieve it and that is how I will approach this election.”

Dr. Andrews and other candidates say reaching every possible voter between now and November is the only way to reach their goal.

“Some of our challenges will be just covering every corner of this district. We don’t want to take any vote for granted. I want to meet as many voters as I can so they can hear my message and my vision for the Lowcountry.”

The general election is November 8th but runoff elections across the state are happening on June 28th.