CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Election season is upon us, which means the people who work the polls are gearing up to help voters cast their ballots.

Charleston County is hosting training for poll workers through the end of the month.

Kate Everingham became a U.S. citizen several years ago and says when she got her citizenship, she knew she wanted to learn more about the election process.

“I’ve realized how complex it is,” said Everingham. “Pull back the curtain and see how they really work, that they’re fair. To see the democratic process at work, it’s absolutely fascinating.”

That’s why she applied to be a poll worker and she’s been doing it for seven years.

“My favorite part is helping voters. If they’re frustrated or have any issues, helping them get through the process,” Everingham said.

Poll workers like Everingham are in the thick of training right now.

“We want to prepare all of our election workers for what they’re going to face, the laws in the state of South Carolina, the poll managers handbook,” said Isaac Cramler, director of the Charleston County Board of Elections.

It’s a lengthy training, as the poll workers learn the ins and outs of voting.

Some are being trained almost a month, but it’s something Cramer says is necessary.

“Qualified people working our elections is what makes you trust the election process,” Cramer said.

New this year, there is a code of conduct for the workers watching the polls, after election officials say there were some behavioral issues last year during elections.

“When you check in as a poll watcher, you’re adhering to the code of conduct. So, you’re not going to be aggressive. You’re going to stay in your designated areas, you’re not going to film,” Cramer said.

However, overall, Cramer says it’s a positive experience and they’re always looking for more people to join the poll worker team.

“We can never have too many, and that’s kind of a trend in all elections administration. So, if you want to serve your community by giving back to such an important process, I encourage you to sign up,” Cramer said.

Poll workers who are just participating in early voting, they’ll go through training through the rest of this week but those who are working election day will train until the end of the month.