Charleston Mayoral candidates get in their final words before the polls

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – When it comes to the issues, News 2 wants you to be aware; so we went straight to the source, sitting down with the two Mayoral Candidates for the City of Charleston before the polls open.

On the issue of flooding:

For the first time, the city, under my leadership, passed a comprehensive strategy to address drainage and flooding to include the infrastructure, the resources to pay for it, and the expertise to governess, or the rules of the road for any future development that occurs. Land use, we’ve been building in a lot of wrong places and engagement with our citizens because this an issue that we’re all in this together and it’s really the existential issue for the future of our city”

Mayor John Tecklenburg

Flooding is something we’ve got to address yesterday and we need to have a plan to put it in place and we just haven’t done that, lets get a plan in place let’s engage the experts out there, which is the dutch, which we’ve done. they’ve been here, we’ve traveled there, spent a good bit of money with them, they’ve given us some good recommendations, lets incorporate them and let’s get to work.”

Mike Seekings

On the issue of traffic:

Long-term 5-26 is out there, that’s at the county and the SIB. But in the interim, what are we going to do? When it comes to traffic, and mobility fly over to Johns Island, James island connector on Folly Road, fly over 17 and Main. Build those pitch forks on Johns Island, widen Maybank highway, Central Park road, those are projects we can get going on while we’re waiting long-term.

Mike Seekings

Completing 5-26, it’s such an important project to complete. I was up there in Columbia, advocating, lobbying for that when the chips were down, it was really dying on the vine and with Governor McMaster’s help, we were able to get it an active project again, it’s moving forward.

Mayor John Tecklenburg

On the issue of over-crowding and attainable housing:

I’ve put together 45 million dollars for us to invest in affordable housing, it’s a near crisis in our community as well and it’s added to the congestion problem, you can’t live close to where you’re working so we need to provide more units.

Mayor John Tecklenburg

We have to think about work force housing for people who need help and that’s an area that we really have to work on and we haven’t done it. it’s got to be cooperative, we don’t have the prescriptive zoning that is out there. so we have to work and we have to identify areas where we can put people in dense developments to live work and play in close proximity and we have tie it in to transportation

Mike Seekings

For the full interviews, see below. Be sure to head to the polls tomorrow form 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and vote. Count on News 2 as your Local Election Headquarters.

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