INTERVIEW: Democrats respond to President Trump’s visit to the Lowcountry

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Thousands packed into the North Charleston Coliseum tonight to rally for President Donald Trump. However, members of the Democratic Party are a bit suspicous of the reason behind his visit.

Colleen Condon is chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party. She believes that the general election could sway those that consistently vote Republican over to the Left.

“It shows his  fear, he has a real chance of losing even South Carolina in this re-election,” says Condon.

She says that interest in the 5 Democratic candidates has spiked in the last few months; even for Republicans.

“We have so many folks in the middle, and so many folks who have identified as Republican in the past, who have come up to me and said ‘anybody but Trump,'” she says.

Sean Wilson, Chairman of the Dorchester County Democrats, believes that Republicans could be swayed to vote Democrat in the Primary Election for an entirely different reason.

“My concern is that Trump will encourage a lot of his supporters to go out and vote into the Primary Election tomorrow to distract in numbers,” he says. Wilson believes that Trump’s rally could have been called just to create chaos.

Both Wilson and Condon agree that big strides need to be made in order to stand against Trump in the General Election. Beyond voter turnout, both hope that the Democratic Party can sway the individuals who might be on the fence.

“The way the decision is made is who controls the people who are in the middle,” says Condon. “We’re gonna work hard to earn those people’s vote this year and make sure that we’re representing a majority of Democrats and a majority of Charlestonians.”

Wilson says that Democrats have already began voting absentee in record numbers. That being said, he hopes that the Democratic Party can work through their differences and create a unified front.

“I think we’re going to have to find a candidate that we can stand by and support,” he says. “Early absentee voting has been recorded as a record number. This shows that people are very concerned about this election and exercising their right to vote.”

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