South Carolina squirrel predicts winner of 2020 Presidential Election

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NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Pennsylvania may have Punxsutawney Phil to predict the season, but South Carolina has an election-predicting squirrel.

Voters across the country are casting their ballot early in the 2020 Presidential Election, and that’s no different for a squirrel named ChrisChris.

“The Squirrel Vote” puts to the test ChrisChris’s ability to see if he’ll correctly choose the winner of the 2020 election in November.

Owners of the squirrel, who live in North Charleston, say their squirrel participated in a similar vote back in 2008, but this will be the first time ChrisChris will participate.

Gnocchi the Squirrel was the original participant, but he recently passed away at the age of 16. Now, it’s ChrisChris’s turn to take on the challenge.

“We thought it had ended but apparently ChrisChris came into our lives. Then we lost him, but we got him back, so I think we’ll continue the tradition,” said Serena Ash, ChrisChris’ temporary caregiver.

The way the vote works is that 10 nuts will be placed in two separate bowls that have each candidate’s name attached to it. Whichever one he eats the most hazelnuts out of will be determined the winner.

Serena said she’s had friends tell her that they vote based on what the squirrel decides, and she’s happy with anything people can get out of it, especially if it gets them to the polls.

“I think it will probably be a relief from the news that we’ve been hearing… but it just might get people out to vote,” said Serena when asked how she thinks the vote could help people.

We have a winner! After plenty of chomping and digging into each bowl, ChrisChris decided that President Trump will win another four years in office.

Serena said there’s one lesson she hopes everyone can get out of this event. “If a squirrel can do it then people can, too,” she said.

Did ChrisChris make the right decision? We’ll find out on November 3rd.

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