CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Candidates from around the state are either marching forward on the campaign trail or taking a step back now South Carolinas primary election has come to an end.

Some of the biggest races included the Gubernatorial Democratic primary and the SC-01 Republican primary.

Former Congressman Joe Cunningham and South Carolina Senator Mia McLeod vied for the Democratic nomination for Governor. Cunningham walked away with a 25% lead.

Congresswoman Nancy Mace beat Trump-endorsed Republican Katie Arrington in the SC-01 primary with an 8% lead.

News 2 caught up with Cunningham and Mace on Wednesday to learn how they plan to secure support for the November general election.

Both candidates say they’re hoping their past accomplishments in office will show voters they are the right fit for the job.

“It’s a winning message and it resonates with people,” said Cunningham. “And it’s gonna be a fight, I’m a realist, but we’ve done the impossible before back in 2018.”

Cunningham flipped the SC-01 seat for the first time in 40 years. He lost re-election to Nancy Mace in 2020.

However, he believes he learned a lesson from his time in Congress that will help him in his race to the top seat in the state.

“I can agree with republicans and democrats and that’s what it’s gonna take. We need to get out of our partisan corners and this isn’t a campaign of democrat versus republican or left versus right. This is a campaign of the past versus the future,” he said.

Cunningham says it’s time for new ideas in the state and plans to refresh the leadership.

“People are tired of the partisan bickering. They want something to get done and if Governor McMaster wanted to get anything done, he’s had over 40 years to do it. His time has come and his time has passed.”

Cuningham and Incumbent Governor Henry McMaster will face off in the general election on November 8th.

State Senator Mia McLeod was not available for comment on Wednesday.

Congresswoman Nancy Mace says she is feeling proud and honored to receive the Republican nomination for the first congressional district representing the Lowcountry.

The congresswoman was first elected in 2020 and is hopeful for re-election in November.

“Even though I am conservative, I represent a district that’s more than conservatives. We have a lot of political diversity here,” said Mace. “I promised when I flipped this seat in 2020 that no one would work harder and that I would be an independent voice for the district because this district really values someone that marches to the beat of their own drum. And we’re not like any other congressional district in the state of South Carolina. We have our own ideas, our own opinions, our own minds and that’s what I’ve done in my first year and a half in office.”

Katie Arrington was not available for comment on Wednesday, but during her concession speech Tuesday night, she endorsed Nancy Mace while also encouraging supporters to make their voices heard and let Mace know what changes they want to see.

Arrington also demanded an apology from the Congresswoman for claims made during the campaign season. When asked about this, Mace said she hadn’t yet gotten the chance to hear Arrington’s concession speech, but that the pair talked on the phone on election night after the race was called.

Congresswoman Mace and Democrat Dr. Annie Andrews will oppose each other in the SC-01 race in November.

A former Mt. Pleasant Town Council Member Kathy Landing won the Republican nomination for a newly-formed seat in the Statehouse, District 80. The district covers part of Mt. Pleasant. Landing hopes her work in the town will set her apart on the ballot in November.

Kathy Landing won the Republican primary over former Charleston County School Board member Chris Staubes with more than 56% of the vote.

“I think our toughest problems are traffic congestion and too much overgrowth of residential where the infrastructure did not keep up. And hopefully, with the state house and the resources that would be available, I can help even more get those things accomplished.”

Landing will be facing off against Democratic candidate Donna Brown Newton in November.

All of the candidates thanked their supporters and are feeling ready for another campaign season.