MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – We are just days away from Election Day in South Carolina including the Republican primary for the First Congressional District. GOP frontrunners, Congresswoman Nancy Mace, and competitor Katie Arrington are making their last-minute push.

The two candidates discussed several topics and issues they believe voters are facing on Election Day ranging from gun violence to their vision for the Lowcountry.

Representative Nancy Mace is hoping to win the primary, earning the chance for a second term in the seat. Representative Mace believes she is the most qualified candidate based on her track record and body of work during her time in congress so far.

If re-elected, Congresswoman Mace says she wants to continue her work for the region while focussing on infrastructure improvements. She believes her qualifications stand on their own.

“I work very hard everyday of the week 365 days a year for the Lowcountry and I am excited about this election, we have so much to talk about and I’d like to continue the work that we started in 2020,” says Representative Nancy Mace.

Katie Arrington, a former State Representative, unsuccessfully ran for the seat in 2018 but lost to Democrat Joe Cunningham. Arrington is hoping to defeat Representative Mace and continue to serve the Lowcountry. Arrington says her cyber-security work and small business ownership have prepared her to serve in congress.

“I want to serve this community and I am qualified to because I live here. My husband owns a small business here, our families live here. I want to make, I want to keep America great, Make America Great Again, but America first is what this district wants and we need somebody who is going to represent faith, family and freedom in Washington,” says Arrington.

You can watch the conversations with both Representative Mace and Katie Arrington on this Sunday’s edition of 2 The Point airing right on News 2 at 11:00 a.m.