COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) – The South Carolina Republican Party concluded its virtual state convention on Saturday and finalized its list of national and district delegates for the Republican National Convention.

These delegates will attend the RNC in August and officially nominate President Trump for the upcoming presidential election.

“We’ve got our delegates and we’re ready to go,” said SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick. “Liberal N.C. Governor Roy Cooper is going to regret stonewalling and losing the RNC Convention in Charlotte. But we’ve got a great team and we’re all ready to head to Jacksonville and re-nominate President Trump.”

National Delegates:                      

Governor Henry McMaster

LaDonna Ryggs

Chad Connelly

Cindy Risher

Lin Bennett

Linda McCall

Alan Clemmons

Mark Hammond

Susan Aiken

DeLinda Ridings

Mark Bonnoitt

Eaddy Roe Willard

Ben Kinlaw

Bobby Cox

Robert Ryggs

Sandra Bryan

Katon Dawson

Laura Beth Kirsop

Katrina Shealy

JoAnn Knapp

Sumter Moye Graham

Jennifer Cunningham

Cyndi Mosteller

Randy Page

Joe Bowers

Tony Denny

Mark Hartley

Larry Grooms

Mike Rose 

Tyson Grinstead

Craig Caldwell

Jim Ulmer

Jo Ann Burroughs

Pat Murray

Brenda Stewart

Nate Leupp

Linda Garner

Lisa Watson

Brandon Newton

Charm Altman

Shery Smith 

Ida Martin

Moye Graham 

Alvin Portee

Jerry Rovner

Verd Odom

Ray Kingsbury

National Alternates:

Adam Morgan

Alan Morgan

Karen Wyld

Jenny Costa Honeycutt

Suzette Jordan

Eddie Taylor

Beverly Owensby

Geri Warren

Kevin Thomas

Tom Davis

Grace Rentiers

Janice Blocker

Mark Willis

Peggy Kinlaw

Dino Teppara

Lenoard Walker

Cheryl Cuthrell

Charlotte Hendrix

Penry Gustafson

Elisabeth Boyle

Steven Long

Donna Rains Gottschall

Guiffre Kilgren

Amy Hill

Wendy Damron

Aly Seppala

Kevin Hennelly

Peggy Bangle

Gene D’Agostino

Jane Page Thompson

Micah Caskey

Mike Green

Dan Harvell

Scott Cooper

Jim Yates

Jane Kizer

Jarred Spencer

Curtis Smith

Annie Dempsey

Davis McClam

Shannon Tyler

Hilda Barnwell

Peggy Hirth

Lori Bell

Gerri McDaniel

Robin Holley

Dreama Perdue