MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCBD) – Republican candidate Katie Arrington has conceded to Democratic challenger Joe Cunningham after a tight race for South Carolina’s first congressional district.

Arrington began her concession speech by thanking her husband, family, supporters and her team.

“We are not done. We are not done. Thank you for everything that you gave to this campaign … to all of the supporters around me … how blessed am I to have been able to walk, wave and be your voice,” she said.

The Republican said the first congressional district lost the conservative agenda Tuesday night and blamed in part national money and out-going Congressman Mark Sanford.

“We lost it because we had money coming from around the nation into this district,” she said. “We lost because Mark Sanford could not understand that this was about the conservative movement and not him.”

To Sanford’s donors, she asked them to request their donation back if they were truly conservative. “…to your wonderful chest that you’ve kept so proud and for so long.”

She went on to say, “I am not done. When I started and people did not give me a chance and knocked me down, it teaches me how to get up harder. We will not give up,” she said. “I believe in the platform I went out on. I believe in tax cuts … border security, and I absolutely believe in infrastructure for this great nation and most of all this great district.”

She says 2020 is just a few years away. “We have a lot to do.”

Arrington comforted her supporters by telling them not to be sad, but to pray for everyone, the nation and “what Nancy Pelosi is going to do to the house and that we do not suffer her consequences.”

She ended her speech by taking a line from former Governor Nikki Haley by saying “it is a great day in South Carolina.”