CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)-In less than 48 hours, Rep. Nancy Mace and Dr. Annie Andrews will meet in the only scheduled debate for the First Congressional District just weeks before the election.

Mace is working to hold onto the House seat she flipped by defeating incumbent Joe Cunningham (D) in 2020. Andrews, a local pediatrician, is the challenger hoping to to retake the seat for Democrats.

To determine the amount of interest each candidate has garnered ahead of the election, News 2 used search data from Google Trends. The data shows which candidate was searched more frequently in the past twelve months and when interest peaked.

Number values reflect how many searches have been done for the term relative to the total number of searches done on Google in the given time period and region. The number is placed on a scale of 0-100 with 100 representing peak popularity.

Annie Andrews recorded her highest traction the week of April 10, with a value of 25. April 15 was the filing deadline for campaign finance disclosures, the first round after Andrews announced her intent to run in November.

Mace recorded a slight bump in search traffic the week of Feb. 20 following the Russian invasion of Ukraine which she called a “foolish and reprehensible decision” by Vladmir Putin.

However, Mace recorded her highest traction the week of June 14, with a value of 100. That week, Mace defeated Trump-endorsed candidate Katie Arrington after a contentious Republican primary race.

The pair gained relatively similar traction for the rest of the twelve months although Mace notched a slightly higher average overall.

A geographic analysis of Google Trends data indicates that searches for Andrews were highest in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Summerville while searches for Mace were highest in Wadmalaw Island, Moncks Corner, and Ladson.

Interest in the race as a whole hit its peak popularity in June during the state’s primary and has tapered off in recent weeks.

Recent FiveThirtyEight models suggest that Mace is “very likely” to win South Carolina’s First Congressional District, winning 99 times out of 100 possible scenarios.