CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) –Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and a new report shows your holiday feast will cost less this year compared to last year. However, shoppers are still facing historically high prices at the grocery store.

To put it in perspective, the average cost of your Thanksgiving feast is up about 25% from 2019. A survey from the American Farm Bureau Federation found the average price of this year’s meal for 10 people is around $61 — a 4.5% decline from last year’s record-high price tag.

The biggest difference this year is the cost of turkey. Problems with avian flu have now subsided, and turkey prices are down 5.6% averaging around $27. Cranberries and cubed stuffing are also cheaper this year. Other items are more expensive, including sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie mix and dinner rolls.

Item2022 Price2023 Price
16-pound turkey28.9627.35
Pumpkin pie mix (30 oz)4.284.44
Milk (1 gallon whole)3.843.74
1-pound veggie tray (carrots & celery).88.90
Misc. ingredients4.133.95
Rolls (12)3.733.84
Pie crusts/shells (2)3.683.50
Green peas (1 lb)1.901.88
Fresh cranberries (12 oz)2.572.10
Whipping cream (1/2 pint)2.241.73
Sweet potatoes (3 lbs)3.963.97
Cubed stuffing (14 oz)3.883.77
TOTAL (Classic Thanksgiving Dinner)$64.05$61.17
Data: American Farm Bureau Federation – Thanksgiving Dinner cost survey

If your meal also includes boneless ham, russet potatoes and green beans, it’ll be more expensive with an average cost of $84.75.

Christie Matherne, with personal finance company WalletHub, offered some advice ahead of the holiday:

“Organize a potluck feast which is encouraging your friends and family to share the cost burden with you,” she said. “Stick to the things that you know, don’t go buy a bunch of stuff to make one dish.”

The American Farm Bureau Federation conducted its first Thanksgiving dinner cost survey in 1986. The average cost then was $28.74.