THERE’S A 30% CHANCE… is a Storm Team 2 podcast by meteorologists Megan James and David Dickson. Together, Megan and David chat about all things weather in their newly released podcast. Topics will range from why they chose to become meteorologists, to identifying reality in storm-related movies, and recalling crazy weather moments they have experienced inside and outside of the studio.

Do you have a topic you would like for them to discuss? Email Megan at with the subject line “There’s a 30% Chance.”

EPISODE 1There’s a 30% chance… we’re starting a podcast.
In the premiere episode, Megan and David explain how their fear of storms became a fascination that led them to become meteorologists. Plus, they talk about their favorite food from the Lowcountry and the seemingly normal lives in which they live.

EPISODE 2There’s a 30% chance… it’s probably made up.
This week’s episode covers the major weather movies we watch, including the blockbusters Twister, The Day After Tomorrow… and yep you guessed it, Sharknado. Fun and far fetched, Megan and David break down what went right and what is actually made up in these Hollywood movies. Can you guess which one left Megan scared as a kid?

EPISODE 3There’s a 30% Chance… We’re probably annoyed

In the 3rd episode of There’s a 30% Chance, Megan and David can’t EVEN. They’re talking about meteorologists’ biggest pet peeves. EVEN if they wanted to control the weather, they can’t. They EVEN talk to Meteorologist Josh Marthers about his biggest pet peeve. We bet you can’t EVEN guess what it is… but you won’t be able to unsee it. Are you picking up what we’re putting down?

EPISODE 4There’s a 30% Chance… We weathered that storm

Megan and David talk weather events they have lived through in this week’s episode. From their first tropical storm to wintry Midwest weather, they have seen it all. David shares about a pet segment gone awry and Megan’s big ‘oops’ her first week at News 2. To top it off, Megan chats with the Lowcountry’s Chief Meteorologist, Rob Fowler, about his Hurricane Hugo experience.

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