WASHINGTON, D.C. (WCBD)- U.S. Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) voted to oust Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) as Speaker in a historic vote on the floor of the U.S. House Tuesday.

“This isn’t about left vs right. This isn’t about ideology. This is about trust and keeping your word. This is about making Congress do it’s job,” Mace wrote on X (formerly Twitter) shortly after casting her vote.

Mace was the only South Carolina Republican to join a small group of GOP rebels, led by Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), and all Democrats to oust the speaker in a 216-210 vote.

“I promised the Lowcountry I would be an independent voice in Congress. That I would call the balls and strikes and do the right thing regardless of party,” she continued, adding that McCarthy has “not lived up to his word.”

Mace cited McCarthy’s handling of fiscal issues as part of her reasoning for removing him from the Speakership.

McCarthy — who endorsed Mace in her 2022 reelection bid — on Saturday averted a government shutdown by putting a “clean” stopgap funding bill on the House floor, passing it with the help of Democrats. It was a last resort for McCarthy, who had attempted to pass a GOP funding plan but was blocked by a handful of Republicans — including several who voted to remove him.

“No budget, no separate spending bills until it was too late, a CR which takes spending power out of the hands of the people and puts all the power into the hands of a select few,” Mace wrote. “There has also been no action on many issues we care about and were promised.”

Tuesday marks the first time the House has ever voted to remove a sitting Speaker, a historic development that will catapult the chamber into another chaotic Speaker’s race following January’s marathon election.

Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.), a close McCarthy ally, will serve as Speaker pro tem, or as temporary acting Speaker.

The Hill contributed to this report.