CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – “It feels like a dream, that’s what the ladies and I were saying this morning.”

That is how the Lowcountry’s most remarkable woman, Nanci Steadman Shipman, described the atmosphere.

Shipman is the founder of Wakeup Carolina, a foundation that provides hope in recovery. She was one of the final four remarkable women selected from a group of 70 nominees sent into News 2.

On the morning of March 6, International Women’s Day, News 2 invited the four finalists to get together for brunch, and to reveal the winner.

Shipman says that although it was a ‘competition’ that brought them them together, the four have created a bond like no other:

“We’ve been like long lost sisters. We all shared our contact numbers…and we’re going to get together after this.”

The other finalists were Shirley Salvo, Dr. Conway Saylor, and Sandy Morckel.

Panel member, and News 2 Today anchor, Octavia Mitchell, explains the categories that judges used to rank each woman:

“Community, and family impact—what kind of impact does their achievement or their service provided to the community and to families? We also based it on self achievement. We did not know the race of any of the nominees, we did not know the age of any of the nominees; all we knew was that they were all phenomenal women. ”

While all women profiled are remarkable, only one could get the chance to travel to the Mel Robbins Show to represent all of the remarkable women in the Lowcountry.

Shipman says her son was the reason for it all.

After a lacrosse injury, Creighton fell into Opioid addiction, which later transpired into a heroin addiction. Though he acknowledged a need for help, he succumbed to his disease before he was able to get it.

It was the loss of her son, that inspired Shipman to create Wakeup Carolina and Creighton’s House, a safe place for those in the Lowcountry to address their substance misuse, and receive support.

“He’s with us, every bit of us, his heart is the heart of Wakeup Carolina. And our team and our board and our amazing volunteers, and I think he’s smiling really big on my family and I.”

Shipman tells us,that after her Remarkable Women segment aired on February 18th, two individuals had the courage to come forward seeking treatment.

While there is no sign on the door or in the street at their headquarters, it was the coverage that brought them to find their way of healing.

“To know that if this piece wouldn’t have happened, two individuals out there and their families would still be searching. That’s two people we have touched, just from the piece y’all did, you know? So it’s not even about me, it’s about being the face of many to not feel alone.”

The stories of the 4 Remarkable Women finalists:

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