CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Dr. Jocelyn Evans has achieved academic success and works diligently to make sure others do too.

Evans is an Associate Dean and professor of finance at the College of Charleston. But her reach goes far beyond just those duties.

According to her colleague Glenda Inabinett, she has shaped the future of thousands of students; teaching a first year experience course to get freshman engaged, spearheading multi-cultural overnight visits, and serving as an advisor to the microfinance club.

She had to fight to get to where she is now — putting herself through college, graduate school, and earning a PhD, all while raising two kids as a single mom. Now, she makes mentoring students a priority.

“One of my missions to make students succeed is to make sure no matter who they are, whether they’re female, male, black, white, green, or yellow, they have a community.”

Dr. Jocelyn Evans

Evans’ efforts do not go unnoticed by her students. Shamone White, a CofC junior, says she calls Evans ‘superwoman.’

“She is phenomenal, excellent… She lovingly pushes you in the right direction to where you need to be.”

Shamone White, CofC student

Her boss, CofC Business School’s Dean Dr. Allan Shao, sings Evans praises as well. He said that if she’s not in her office, he knows it’s because she is dedicating her time to another worthy cause.

“[She] does everything because she cares,” he said. “She cares for her students. She cares for her community.”

Her tireless work in both the world and the workplace to foster personal and professional achievement for everyone that crosses her path is what makes Evans a remarkable woman.

Dr. Jocelyn Evans


Dr. Jocelyn Evans has achieved academic success and works diligently to make sure others do, too. Read More…

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