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Which Grinch family pajamas are best?

Matching pajama sets make for festive holiday family photos and keep you cozy through the winter season. Themes for family pajama sets range from holiday designs such as reindeer to more unique designs featuring characters from cherished holiday movies. “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” has been a holiday classic since the book came out in 1957, so it’s no wonder that the Grinch is a popular choice in Christmas pajamas. Grinch family pajamas bring the joy of the classic story to your family’s Christmas celebration.

If you’re looking for the best of the best, PajamaGram Holiday Grinch Pajamas are a high-quality option for your entire family. They come in a variety of sizes and even have options for cats and dogs. Their baseball-style T-shirts and loose-fitting bottoms are comfortable and each pair of bottoms feature different Grinch images.

What to know before you buy Grinch family pajamas

Who is the Grinch?

Originally a children’s book, Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” was translated into a 1966 TV special and, in 2000, into a blockbuster movie starring Jim Carrey as the Grinch. The Grinch is a miserly character who hates Christmas, and plots to ruin the holiday by stealing all the presents from his neighbors in Whoville. But instead of being sad on Christmas morning, his neighbors are joyful, even without the presents. The Grinch learns that the true meaning of Christmas is not presents — it’s love.

Why buy Grinch family pajamas?

Family pajamas make great gifts and keep your loved ones cozy on Christmas morning. “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is a holiday staple and its message of generosity and love are great inspiration for your family pajamas. Because the Grinch is a beloved Christmas character, there are plenty of options in style and design, making it easy to find the right option for your family.

What to look for in quality Grinch family pajamas

Pajama sizing

Sizing is one of the biggest challenges in matching family pajamas. You want to be sure the pajamas fit each family member, so look for products that come with a wide variety of sizes.

If you have a family pet, look for pajamas that offer sizing for your animal.

Pajama materials

Grinch pajamas are typically made with cotton and polyester. Both fabrics are machine-washable and durable. They are also breathable, which makes them ideal for warmer climates or hot sleepers. Keep in mind that pajamas made with 100% cotton are more comfortable than pajamas made with a polyester blend. 

If you want the pajamas to last for more than one Christmas, find ones made with double stitching. The way in which the fabric is stitched together affects the long-term wear of the pajamas.

Pajama patterns

Pattern is the cut of the pajama style. Patterns fit differently on every body type, so keep in mind your family’s comfort when looking for Grinch pajamas. 

Most Grinch family pajamas come with matching tops and bottoms. The most common pattern is the modern-day, standard pajama style. These are a comfortable long-sleeve top and loose-fitting pants with an elastic or drawstring waist.

Some Grinch pajamas are onesies. Originally for children, onesie pajamas feature foot covers and give the pajamas a full head-to-toe look. They are also practical, as the rubber soles on the feet covers keep you from slipping while running around the house on Christmas morning.

Official licensing

Officially licensed merchandise has been approved by the original artist for sale. Look for designs that are officially licensed to ensure quality. 

How much you can expect to spend on Grinch family pajamas

Grinch pajamas typically cost $27-$75.

Grinch family pajamas FAQ

How do you wash Grinch pajamas?

A. Before washing your Grinch pajamas, check the label for instructions. Most Grinch pajamas are made with cotton and polyester. These fabrics are durable and stand up well in washing machines, but cotton may shrink if washed with hot water or dried on high heat. Consider washing Grinch pajamas in cold or warm water and drying on medium heat.

Are there Grinch pajamas for pets?

A. Yes. There are a variety of options for pet-sized Grinch family pajamas, so your pet will not feel left out Christmas morning.

Are Grinch family pajamas unisex?

A. Some are, but most offer sizing charts for men, women and children. 

What are the best Grinch family pajamas to buy?

Top Grinch family pajamas

PajamaGram Holiday Grinch Pajamas

PajamaGram Holiday Grinch Pajamas

What you need to know: PajamaGram Grinch family pajamas are designed with comfort in mind. Plus, the loose-fitting bottoms all feature different Grinch images.

What you’ll love: They offer a range of sizes for the entire family, including pets.

What you should consider: These pajamas are pricier than other options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Grinch family pajamas for the money

Dr. Seuss Grinch Merry Grinchmas! Matching Family Pajamas

Dr. Seuss Grinch Merry Grinchmas! Matching Family Pajamas

What you need to know: This Merry Grinchmas! pajama set is comfortable, cozy and comes in a variety of sizes, including babies and toddlers.

What you’ll love: They’re cost-effective and officially licensed, which means great quality without having to spend too much.

What you should consider: This set does not include sizes for family pets. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Dr. Seuss Grinch Fleece Onesie Pajamas

Dr. Seuss Grinch Fleece Onesie Pajamas

What you need to know: These machine-washable onesie pajamas are designed to last and come in a variety of sizes to suit all body types.

What you’ll love: They’re officially licensed, which guarantees quality design.

What you should consider: These onesies are fleece, which some consumers may find to be too hot a material.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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