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Which car trash bag is best?

The average worker spends nearly 56 minutes round trip commuting to and from work. And for those who jump-start their day with a coffee or on-the-go breakfast, that can mean a lot of disposable cups, wrappers and other trash accumulating inside their car.

Car trash bags are an inexpensive and useful addition to your vehicle to keep the interior free of trash. Like smaller versions of their home counterparts, car trash bags are sturdy receptacles to place disposable items. But before you buy, consider how much capacity you will need, if floor space is a priority or if you would like your car trash bag to also provide storage. You might want a car trash bag with a weighted bottom to keep it from sliding around your vehicle like the High Road TrashStand Weighted Car Trash Can.

What to know before you buy a car trash bag

Though seemingly simple and straightforward, car trash bags have features and details to consider before buying, such as capacity, type and lid style.


hanging trash bag

Hanging trash bags are a versatile option that can be secured to various components of your car’s interior, such as the console, headrest, gear stick or glovebox. If your vehicle has limited floor space or curious pets, consider purchasing a hanging trash bag.

Designed to sit on the floor of your vehicle, standing trash bags have solid sides and bottoms. Most standing trash bags have a hook-and-loop system or carpet clips to stay standing and in place while the vehicle is operating. Some models also have a weighted bottom to help ensure the trash bag stays in place.

cup holder car trash bags

The smallest type of car trash bag, cup holder models are designed to fit into a vehicle’s cup holder. Though cup holder car trash bags take up little space inside the vehicle, they have a very limited capacity and can fill up quickly. Solo commuters who need an area to dispose of small items may find this type of trash bag an ideal solution.

Size and capacity

For car trash bags, bigger doesn’t always mean better. The larger the trash bag, the more items it can hold. However, larger car trash bags also take up more room inside the vehicle and may not be ideal for carpoolers or for compact vehicles. On the other hand, smaller car trash bags may work well for daily commutes but could fill up quickly during extended road trips. Before purchasing a car trash bag, consider how you intend to use the bag, how much space is available in the vehicle and how much trash it will need to hold at one time.

Lids and closures


Like the trash bag in your home, car trash bags with lids help to minimize odor and can keep trash inside the bag while the vehicle turns corners and maneuvers. Some lids and closures are sturdy and kept in place via Velcro or buttons, while others have elastic clasps or rubber closures that allow you to push trash through without having to open the bag.

What to look for in a quality car trash bag

Though all car trash bags hold unwanted or disposable items, some bags have additional features that might make one model preferable to another.


Durability: car trash bags made of sturdy and thick canvas, nylon or polyester are durable and will last longer than bags made of lightweight materials. If longevity is a priority, check that your bag has reinforced stitching, which will help ensure the bag doesn’t fall apart due to rough roads or when storing heavy trash items.

Water resistance: Some car trash bags feature a waterproof interior lining or water-resistant coating to protect a vehicle’s upholstery from coffee, soda or other staining liquids.


Most car trash bags have compartments or pockets on one or more sides of the bag to provide extra storage. Some models have Velcro closings or zippers to help protect the stored items while in transit.

Color and style

Though nearly all car trash bags are a muted color, such as black, brown or beige, to blend in with a vehicle’s interior, some models are bright and colorful. Though it provides no benefit to capacity or durability, a colorful car trash bag can be a pleasing aesthetic choice.

How much you can expect to spend on a car trash bag

You can expect to spend between $5-$30 on a car trash bag, depending on the size, capacity and features.

Car trash bag FAQ

Is it safe to wash a car trash bag?

A. Most, but not all, car trash bags are safe to wash. Some bags are machine washable after you remove the interior lining, while others need to be gently hand washed. Consult the care instructions before attempting to wash your trash bag.

How much can a car trash bag hold?

A. Though some car trash bags list their capacity in liters or gallons, others do not provide capacity information. And considering capacity can vary between models, check the dimensions before buying to see if it has enough capacity to accommodate your needs. You can also read user reviews to get a better understanding of a bag’s capacity.

Will any liner work in a car trash bag?

A. To avoid unfortunate messes and spills, use a liner recommended by the manufacturer. However, liners or bags similar in dimension to the recommended liners can also work. Ensure that the liner or bag you use fits inside the car trash bag without stretching and has enough height to cover the top rim of the trash bag.

What’s the best car trash bag to buy?

Top car trash bag

High Road TrashStand

High Road TrashStand Weighted Car Trash Can

What you need to know: The weighted bottom keeps this car trash bag in place while driving or taking tight turns.

What you’ll love: With a 2-gallon capacity, the High Road TrashStand Weighted Car Trash Can holds a considerable amount of disposable items. The heavy-duty material construction also features mesh side pockets and the interior can be lined with a standard grocery bag.

What you should consider: When empty, the container can collapse. Some users found that lining the interior with cardboard can help keep the container upright.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top car trash bag for the money

water-resistant coating - Zonetech

Zonetech Universal Traveling Portable Car Trash Can

What you need to know: This car trash bag is ideal for the front seat of vans, moving trucks and other flat-floored vehicles.

What you’ll love: The Zonetech Universal Traveling Portable Car Trash Can is inexpensive and leakproof. At 6 inches in diameter and 8 inches tall, the trash bag can ride in the front of the vehicle without compromising legroom.

What you should consider: If the bag isn’t strapped down, it can easily tip while taking corners.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Bin

EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Bin

What you need to know: With a waterproof interior, this car trash bag is ideal for holding disposable coffee cups or empty cans.

What you’ll love: The waterproof interior keeps liquids from ruining your car’s interior and the fasteners at the top will keep trash out of view.

What you should consider: The hanging strap can wear out and fail over time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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