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Which Joker makeup look for Halloween is best?

If you want to dress up as the Clown Prince of Crime this October, you’ll need the best Joker makeup look for Halloween. While there are several costume variations, the basics are the same, a white base with a broad red smile and terrifying supervillain eyes.

The best Joker makeup kit has everything you need to transform into your favorite version. The Mehron Clown Costume Makeup Kit is a top pick because it includes all the tools, makeup and instructions for an easy transition into the iconic character.

What to know before you buy Joker makeup for Halloween

What is a Joker makeup look for Halloween? 

The Joker is a notorious clown who rivals Batman and merely wants to watch the world burn. However, not just any clown makeup can capture his essence.

The costume requires an unsteady hand and an explicit aim for imperfection. The Joker’s white face paint is often amiss, with different versions showing cracks, fading or caked-on layers.

His wide red smile often extends past his lips and sometimes hides the scars of a crudely engraved smile. Finally, his eyes are either enshrouded with blue diamonds or black eyeliner, giving him that “evil never sleeps” look.

Joker makeup versions

There are seven popular Joker versions to consider for your Halloween costume:

  • “The Dark Knight,” Heath Ledger
  • “Batman” 1989, Jack Nicholson
  • “Joker,” Joaquin Phoenix
  • “Suicide Squad,” Jared Leto
  • “Batman” DC Animated Universe, Mark Hamill
  • “Batman” 1966 TV show, Cesar Romero
  • “Lego Batman Movie,” Zach Galifianakis

How to apply Joker makeup for Halloween

If you don’t know anything about cosmetics and are worried that you won’t have the required skills to complete your makeup, it’s OK because that’s precisely the look the Joker dons.

There are six steps to applying basic Joker makeup:

  1. Apply the white base with a foam wedge.
  2. If required, create texture and fading on your white base by patting it with a hydra sponge or wedge.
  3. Use a makeup brush to paint facial features, such as your eyebrows, nose and mouth, using your chosen version as a guide.
  4. Use a clean brush to thin, fade and feather the features you created.
  5. Using your version as a guide, gently apply your eye makeup.
  6. Use the brush to gently feather and smear your eye makeup.

What to look for in a quality Joker makeup look for Halloween


Applying makeup requires tools such as brushes and sponges. Even if you have access to some, you won’t want to mess them up for a Halloween costume, and many high-quality kits come with them.

There are three tool types to look for when you buy your kit.

  • Foam wedge: A non-latex triangular sponge that applies a smooth layer of cream makeup.  
  • Hydra sponge: A sponge that evenly applies liquid and water-based makeup.
  • Makeup brushes: These let you apply paint with precision. Smaller brushes can handle finer details, and larger ones cover more surface area with less effort.


If your Joker has scars at the corners of his mouth, getting a makeup set with prosthetic or liquid scars can be a big help. Not only does that save you the time and hassle of finding the right ones, but it also saves you from purchasing the required nontoxic adhesives and removers associated with them.

Green hair color

If your version of the Joker has green hair, find a kit with the hair color. Some kits have gel-based paints or sprays, while others have a pigmented water-based liquid. Just be sure that the version you buy is temporary, not permanent or semi-permanent, so you can remove it once the night is over.

How much you can expect to spend on a Joker makeup look for Halloween

Depending on the makeup’s quality and the number of products and tools that come with the kit, it can cost between $10-$75.

Joker makeup look for Halloween FAQ

What else can elevate your Joker makeup?

Best yellow tooth paint

A. Consider adding colored contacts in a spooky hue or yellow tooth paint to match the character’s dingy smile.

Is there an easy way to remove your Joker makeup?

Best cleansing balm

A. Read the instructions on your kit because soap and water can typically remove thin, water-based face paints. For thick makeup, try using a cleansing balm.

What’s the best Joker makeup look for Halloween to buy?

Top Joker makeup look for Halloween

Best Mehron Clown Costume Makeup Kit

Mehron Clown Costume Makeup Kit 

What you need to know: This kit contains green hair paint with all the tools and makeup you need to create a terrifying Joker look.

What you’ll love: It is an eight-piece, all-in-one kit with step-by-step instructions. It comes with white, blue and red face paint and tools to ensure the application is smooth and easy. It also has setting powders and sprays to ensure your makeup stays on throughout the night.

What you should consider: Some people reported that removing the makeup was challenging.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Joker makeup look for Halloween for the money

Best Mehron Makeup Premium Character Kit

Mehron Makeup Premium Character Kit

What you need to know: This high-quality scarred Joker kit has everything you need for your Halloween transformation.

What you’ll love: It has white, red and black face paints with a black pro-pencil for finer details. It comes with green hair color, the necessary application tools and scarring liquid for a terrifying smile that stays put. It also comes with step-by-step instructions.

What you should consider: Some reviewers said they were missing some items and recommend checking your kit as soon as you get it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best Rubie's Batman The Dark Knight Joker Deluxe Makeup Kit

Rubie’s Batman The Dark Knight Joker Deluxe Makeup Kit

What you need to know: This kit is officially licensed Batman merchandise and has the makeup you need to create your scarred joker look.

What you’ll love: This all-in-one set comes with prosthetic scars, adhesive cream, green hair gel and a comb applicator. It also has white face paint with red and black crayons for easy application. You can also remove the makeup with soap and water.

What you should consider: Some people reported that the scars didn’t stay on for them.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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