Even though your doors and windows are shut to keep cold outside, there’s still a chance that some of your heat is escaping through gaps underneath a door or spaces along a window sill. Even small gaps can release a surprising amount of heat while letting unwelcome cold air inside. 

Draft stoppers block those gaps with filled tubing that lies at the bottom of the door or window. Vinyl stoppers that attach to the door or window also are excellent ways to keep the cold at bay. They are affordable and easy to install, and can save you from shivering and paying more on your utility bill.  

In this article: Decorealm Draft Stopper, Evelots Draft Stopper and Twin Draft Guard Extreme Door Stopper.

How much heat are you losing?

It’s tempting to see a small gap under your door or window and think that there probably isn’t a lot of heat being lost. But according to the U.S. Department of Energy, air leaks around windows can lead to 30% heat loss, and air leaks around doors contribute to 20%. Just an 8-inch gap loses as much heat as if there were a 2.5-inch hole in the wall. Check your doors and windows closely and note any gaps that need sealed off before winter really gets going. 

Draft stoppers are easy to attach

One of the most important features of door draft stoppers is that they attach to the door. You no longer have to put them in place when you get home and hope that some of the gap is covered when you leave.

Most draft stoppers attach one of two ways. They either attach under the door with the stopper cushioned on the outside, or they come with clips or magnets to adhere to the door’s base. Either way, the stopper slides with the door as it opens and shuts. Most stoppers are made from materials that easily slide with most flooring types. Once attached, you don’t have to worry about the stopper again.

A good fit is the best way to keep cold air out

Most draft stoppers are 36 inches long, which is the width of a traditional door. Not everyone has a traditional door, though. Measure the doors and windows that need the draft stopper to make sure you have the right size. If you draft stopper leaves a gap around a door or window, you are still losing heat.

Many draft stoppers are flexible and can be wrapped around the door to ensure full coverage. Other stoppers, such as vinyl seals, can be cut with a saw to fit your door perfectly and ensure that the heat stays inside. 

Some draft stoppers match your decor

While being practical, there’s no reason that your draft stoppers can’t be stylish, too. There are still traditional white and brown draft stoppers that generically blend in with most rooms,  but many now come in a variety of colors and patterns that can fit a wide range of decors. A few manufacturers have even designed stoppers that look like animals. These fun designs are great for pet lovers or as conversation pieces.

Best draft stoppers

Best Decorealm Draft Stopper

Decorealm Draft Stopper

This stopper comes in three sizes and weighs 3.5 pounds to block out cold temperatures and sound. It’s made with quilted velvet stuffed with cotton and is machine-washable. 

Sold by Amazon 

Best Evelots Draft Stopper

Evelots Draft Stopper

Easy to customize to your door or window, these 2-inch foam tubes work well against large gaps. The stopper easily glides over all floor types and has a 30-day return policy.  

Sold by Amazon

Best Twin Draft Guard Extreme Door Stopper

Twin Draft Guard Extreme Door Stopper

Designed for doors and windows, this stopper has a patented hook-and-loop closure that can be customized up to 36 inches. It’s double-sided and works with all types of flooring. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Frost King Designer Cloth Draft Seal

Frost King Designer Cloth Draft Seal

This affordable draft seal is made for doors and windows. The weighted snake blocks cold air and traps warm air inside. It has a soft fabric cover and simply lays in front of the door. 

Sold by Home Depot

Best BK Door Draft Stopper

BK Door Draft Stopper

Fitting doors up to 37 inches wide, this draft stopper flexes 90 degrees to work with larger doors and windows. It fastens to the door or window to keep it in place while being opened and shut. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Holikme Door Draft Stopper

Holikme Door Draft Stopper

This inexpensive door draft stopper covers gaps up to 1 inch. The nontoxic plastic has an extra-strong adhesive that sticks to the door and keeps heat trapped inside your home. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Cinch Slide-On Under Door Seal

Cinch Slide-On Under Door Seal

This U-shape door seal is made from flexible vinyl and simply slides on to the bottom of the door to keep warm air inside. It comes 36 inches long but can be easily cut by a hacksaw for your door size. 

Sold by Home Depot

Best Travan Under Door Draft Stopper

Travan Under Door Draft Stopper

Available in three colorful patterns, including those, like stars and stripes that can be enjoyed year-round, this polyester-filled door stopper has hanging hooks at each end for easy storage. The double sewing thread ensures durability, and it fits doors up to 36 inches wide. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Morgan Home Brandon the Brown Dog Draft Guard

Morgan Home Brandon the Brown Dog Draft Guard

This creative door draft stopper looks like a friendly dachshund. It is made from polyester and filled with sand in a protective liner for the proper weight to keep the cold out. The manufacturer also makes other animal styles.

Sold by Home Depot

Best Home District Sliding Door Draft Stopper

Home District Sliding Door Draft Stopper

This innovative design features a shorter, flat end to fit a sliding-door track and a longer piece for the door.  It comes in seven stylish colors and has 11 gravel weights for consistent placement. 

Sold by Amazon

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