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Which large computer desks are best?

If a compact or regular-sized computer desk isn’t big enough to fit everything you need on it, you may want to consider getting a large computer desk instead. These desks come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common. They offer a lot of space for all the electronics, essential office supplies, gadgets and knick-knacks you could ever need.

Looking for an L-shaped computer desk with a lot of customization options and shelves? Check out the Bestier Industrial L-Shaped Desk. If you’re not sure which large computer desk to get yet, here’s everything you need to know before you get one.

What to know before you buy a large computer desk

Types of desks

There are several types of large desks, including computer desks, writing desks, executive desks and standing desks. These desks come in different shapes and sizes, but full-sized computer desks or executive desks usually offer the most when it comes to space.

Large computer desks are large enough to accommodate a monitor, keyboard, mouse and mousepad on one level. Some desks also have smaller shelves for things like a computer tower, notebooks or other office supplies. Other computer desks come with a built-in cup holder or a hook for a headset.

Wall-mounted desks

If floor space is limited, a wall-mounted desk may be a good option to consider. These unique desks take up less physical space in a room, but they may also be a little smaller than other computer desks due to their design. Prepare to use special tools for proper installation.


Most computer desks are rectangular, but there are also U-shaped and L-shaped desks. Most U-shaped and L-shaped desks have just one level, unlike rectangular desks, which often have several levels.

When choosing a computer desk, consider where you intend to place it and how much space is available. L-shaped and U-shaped desks are ideal for corners, for example. A U-shaped desk is also a good option if you plan to put the desk next to another piece of furniture like a couch. Rectangular desks offer a little more versatility since they can fit nearly anywhere.

What to look for in a quality large computer desk


Computer desks come in different materials. Here are the most popular options.

Metal: Metal desks are highly durable. Some have a laminate surface, which is easy to maintain. However, with a more institutional appearance, metal desks don’t fit in with every room’s overall aesthetic.

Glass: For a more sophisticated feel, consider a glass desk. Keep in mind that these desks are prone to scratching and show smudges easily.

Laminate: These desks are easier to clean than other materials. They are also naturally antibacterial. This type of material is also resistant to chips or scratches.

Wood: Wood desks are usually sturdier and longer-lasting than laminate desks. They also fit in better with most aesthetics.


Some desks are lightweight, which makes them easy to move. Lightweight desks are also sometimes less stable than their heavier counterparts. An accidental bump could knock the desk over or cause it to slide, especially if it’s positioned on carpet or another uneven surface. However, a heavy desk could be difficult to transport. A way around this issue is to find a desk that you can disassemble as needed.


Ergonomics play a big role when you spend a long time at your desk. A desk that isn’t built at the right height for your posture can cause unnecessary strain or tension on your joints or limbs.

Ideally, the computer desk should be large enough to position the monitor an arm’s length away. When sitting at the desk, your wrists should be straight and your knees should be about level with your hips. Some desks have an adjustable height, which can help with ergonomics. Consider getting an adjustable chair to help with overall comfort and positioning.


Computer desks come in many different styles, from simple wooden desks to modern or industrial-looking desks. Some desks come with creative accents like red stripes along the sides or unique patterns on the top. Many large computer desks come with multiple shelves, while others have removable components like drawers or a cup holder.

Try to coordinate the desk’s overall design with the room’s aesthetic for a more uniform look. Or, if you want something more creative, choose something with contrasting colors or designs.


Some desks come with furniture pads for the feet. Usually made from felt, rubber or cork, these pads may be slip-on, nail-on or adhesive. These pads are designed to add stability to the desk and prevent it from scratching up the floor.

Adhesive pads are the easiest to apply, since they employ a peel-and-stick method of application. Slip-on pads, meanwhile, cover more of the desk’s legs and are less likely to fall off. Nail-on pads work for some desks, particularly those with wood legs, but they don’t work on others.

Alternatively, consider getting an area rug or a plastic covering to protect the floor from the desk’s legs.

How much you can expect to spend on a large computer desk

Large computer desks range widely in price. On the low end, expect to spend around $50. On the high end, you may be looking at several thousand dollars. For most people, a desk that’s between $100-$300 should be enough.

Large computer desk FAQ

How big should a computer desk be?

A. To figure out how big the desk should be, measure the area that will be your workspace. Leave room for things like a laptop, monitor, landline, tower and accessories. For most setups, a 60- by 30-inch desk is large enough. If you plan to put a tower on the desk, consider getting something a little bigger.

What’s the most durable material for a desk?

A. Solid wood and metal desks are some of the most durable options. They are also often the heaviest and can support more weight on them.

What’s the best large computer desk to buy?

Top large computer desk

Bestier Industrial L Shaped Desk

Bestier Industrial L Shaped Desk

What you need to know: With multiple colors to choose from, this modern-looking desk is industrial and large enough to fit anything you may need.

What you’ll love: This L-shaped desk has two shelves with plenty of space for extra accessories, components and even a desktop tower. One of the shelves is adjustable. The desk also comes with a headset hook. With a combination of black and rustic brown colors, this desk has a very professional look and feel to it.

What you should consider: Due to its shape, this desk takes up a lot of space and may not fit into any corner.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top large computer desk for the money

Cubiker Computer Desk

Cubiker Computer Desk

What you need to know: With several different sizes and colors to choose from, this full-sized, rectangular desk is durable and large enough to accommodate multiple monitors and potentially heavy devices.

What you’ll love: It comes with a storage bag for extra things like books, papers and other items. Plus, the 55-inch desk is ergonomically designed and compact enough to fit into most areas.

What you should consider: The metal structure of this desk gives it a more institutional aesthetic that may not be suitable for those looking for something more welcoming.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

SHW Home Office Large Desk

SHW Home Office Large Desk

What you need to know: This simple desk is sturdy and has a conventional feel. At 55 inches, it’s large enough for any basic office setup.

What you’ll love: The simplistic design is great for non-obtrusive setups, while still offering a lot of room for a monitor, keyboard, mouse and even a desktop tower. Plus, it comes in several color options, including oak, maple and black, which lets it fit in with nearly any aesthetic.

What you should consider: This desk does not offer additional storage space like other options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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