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Which agate bookend is best?

Many people use bookends as supports to hold up their books, while others use them to divide up existing shelf space or keep items separate from each other. For some people, bookends serve a more decorative purpose and are the perfect way to add a splash of color or a unique touch to their space.

For those who want to create a relaxing atmosphere or add a subtle amount of color and luxury to their home, agate bookends like the Agate Non-Skid Bookends are a popular choice.

What to know before you buy agate bookends


Without proper support, books tend to tip to one side or, in the case of open-ended shelves, topple over. With a pair of bookends, you can keep your books in place without worrying about them falling. For bookshelves with only one side open, a singular bookend may be sufficient for holding up your books.

Although any type of bookend will serve this purpose, agate bookends are more than just functional. They can also boost creativity, stimulate the mind and promote a feeling of calm. They’re also aesthetically pleasing. This makes them perfect for small, at-home libraries and spaces that could benefit from a change of atmosphere. For more information about bookends, check out this buying guide from BestReviews.

Size and weight

Agate bookends range in size and weight. Authentic agate bookends are often heavier than other options and can weigh anywhere from 1-8 pounds. Some bookends are small, which makes them more suitable for smaller spaces.

If you have a lot of hardcover books, a larger, heavier agate bookend or two can provide the necessary support and stability for your collection. For a shelf with only a couple of books, a pair of lightweight bookends may work. In general, heavier and larger bookends will work better at keeping books upright and in place. Keep in mind that oversized agate bookends could draw the eye in a way you may not prefer.


Bookends made from real agate may be uneven in size or shape. This is because they’re cut from real geodes that form naturally. Many manufacturers carefully cut, shape and dye the stones before they sell them, which gives them a more uniform look. For a more natural aesthetic, agate bookends should be undyed and uncut or cut in a more natural way.

What to look for in a quality agate bookend


In their natural state, agates usually have somewhat muted colors and jagged edges. Some agate bookends are cut with a precision tool and dyed bright colors like blue or purple to help them stand out. Many agate bookends are also polished or otherwise altered to give them a smooth texture.

When it comes to texture, sharp or rough edges could cause damage to book covers. That’s why many agate bookends are only smoothed on one side, while the other side is left more natural. The polished, smooth side of the bookend is generally safe even for more delicate books. However, even unpolished, natural agate bookends still serve as a great decorative piece to any shelf. These are best for when there’s no concern about scratching up any other items or furniture.


Some agate bookends come with rubber pads to keep them in place and prevent them from scratching the furniture. This is particularly useful for glass or high-quality wood shelves. Plus, the non-slip base makes the bookends more supportive when holding up multiple or heavy books.

Not all agate bookends have a non-slip base, however. These agates may end up damaging whatever they’re placed on, especially if moved around often. They may also not be able to keep books upright as intended.


Authentic agate bookends are uniquely crafted and may vary in shape, size and pattern. These bookends may be more expensive or heavier than other types of bookends.

How much you can expect to spend on agate bookends

A pair of matching agate bookends usually costs between $30-$70.

Agate bookend FAQ

How do I clean agate bookends?

A. For the stone portion of the bookends, use a clean, damp cloth to gently wipe away any accumulated dust or dirt. Let it air dry before putting it back on the shelf. Avoid chemical cleaning products or liquid soaps.

How many agate bookends do I need?

A. Bookends usually come in a set of two, one for either side of a row of books. However, you may only need one bookend if the books are already pressed up against the side of a shelf or a wall. If you plan to use the bookends for decoration rather than function, place one or two in strategic locations to give your space a hint of color or creativity.

How can I tell if my bookends are authentic?

A. Some agate bookends come with proof of authenticity. Real agate bookends, even when polished, will still have natural flaws in their design. Faux agate bookends are typically more uniform in appearance.

What’s the best agate bookend to buy?

Top agate bookend

Agate Non-Skid Bookends

Agate Non-Skid Bookends

What you need to know: Made from real geodes from Brazil, these agate bookends come in medium, large and extra large to fit in any space.

What you’ll love: These vibrant, teal-dyed bookends have a distinctive pattern that makes them stand out. One side is flat, smooth and polished for keeping books upright without scratching them while the other side is roughly cut for a more natural look.

What you should consider: When used to hold up heavier books, they may slide fairly easily on the shelf.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Top agate bookend for the money

AMOYSTONE Teal Agate Bookends

AMOYSTONE Teal Agate Bookends

What you need to know: These decorative, teal agate bookends have a polished finish and rubber, anti-slip bumpers for added stability.

What you’ll love: Each pair of bookends is uniquely crafted with natural variations in patterns. They have a semi-arc shape that lends itself well to keeping everything from movies to books in place.

What you should consider: These bookends are smaller than expected and aren’t as brightly colored as some would’ve liked.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

JIC Gem Polished Natural Agate Bookends

JIC Gem Polished Natural Agate Bookends

What you need to know: This pair of heavy agate bookends comes in various color combinations, including natural, blue, green, pink and purple.

What you’ll love: These one-of-a-kind bookends are cut and polished for a perfect fit against books and come with non-slip rubber pads to keep them in place and prevent scratching the furniture. Plus, they come in lighter and heavier options, which makes them perfect for keeping many books in place.

What you should consider: Since they’re natural, pairs may not be exactly the same size or shape.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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