DockDogs: Jumping into SEWE

Southeastern Wildlife Expo

CHARLESTON S.C. (WCBD) – For years, Deb Feller, the President of Palmetto DockDogs has been attending the South Eastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE). Feller says it was SEWE, about 15 years ago that ultimately kick-started her time with the sport.  

I always came every single year to all the exhibits, looked at everything and on Sunday afternoon we decided we’re gonna just Park it right at the end of the pool and watch all of the DockDogs and the finals. So while I was sitting there I said to my partner, I’m gonna teach a dog how to do that. The next Lab we have, we’re gonna be DockDogs.

Deb Feller, the President of Palmetto DockDogs

SEWE for Feller is more than just fun, it’s become a lifestyle for both her and her family. It’s also their official start to the DockDog season.  

About January 2nd my family starts the SEWE countdown. We’re very excited about it, we prepare for it I’ve already started changing the dogs diets. And getting them amped up and ready to go and change their exercise. We really want to do well. 

Deb Feller, the President of Palmetto DockDogs

While the DockDog event at SEWE is a National Sportsman Series, everyone is eligible to enter the competition with their canines.

If do not want to enter your pet in the competition, but are curious. Feller says the practice pool is the best way to literally test the waters with your furry friends. 

If for some reason you’re not ready to do you competition if you’re just like a I just want to get my dog in the water and figure out if we can even do this game there will be a practice pool here at SEWE. There always is. So there will be a practice pool that you and your dog can try the game out. See if you really want to do it. And you will.

Deb Feller, the President of Palmetto DockDogs

Tips for starting your dog in DockDog:

  • Make sure your dog knows how to swim.
  • Ensure your pet has a ‘toy drive’ (has a motivation to fetch or catch toys).
  • Establish assurance within your pet as competitions are high energy and distraction areas.

For more information on Palmetto DockDogs, click here.

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