Oceanside offensive lineman Dylan Sebuck has always been big.

So much so that his father Jeff lovingly chuckles while pointing out his height marking at the age of 10 on Dylan’s childhood home.

“He was built for football. Out of the womb he was built for football, ” says his mother Shari Sebuck.

But heading into his sophomore year at Oceanside, he felt football wasn’t built for him.

“It just wasn’t fun to me. I wasn’t enjoying the game anymore. I don’t know what it was but I just woke up and said I was done,” says Dylan.

It was then that a parental teaching tool came into play.

“We just talked about how important it is to keep that commitment you’ve made to a team and to finish,” says Shari.

Dylan did.

He was back on board.

Until a shoulder injury not only caused Dylan to rehab for a year, but also gain weight.

“I was 395, that was the most I weighed,” says Dylan.

Dylan walked off the field his junior year at season’s end with only one thought in his mind: change.

“I want to put myself in the best position I can to play D1 football so I knew what I had to do that offseason,” says Dylan.

“We didn’t come to himlast year and say hey, step your game up. You know he did it by himself. I even said can I help you? He said nope this is me,” says Jeff.

From then on out, his days became revolved around nothing but hard work.

“I’d like wake up, eat breakfast, go run usually, have a little bit of lunch, go to the gym, lift and run again,” sayd Dylan.

“Going through the freezer and reading labels for content of carbs and sugar. He would say why did you buy this? These are horrible!” says Shari.

Over the course of 5 months, Dylan miraculously lost over 100 lbs.

A new body and an even stronger mindset culminated with his commitment to the South Carolina Gamecocks.

“The work ethic it took me to lose the weight now I’m just applying to getting stronger and putting good muscle on. Just keep getting stronger to be able to compete at the level I’m going to be playing at now,” says Dylan.

“I’m going to tear up just thinking about it,” says Shari.

“Can’t even put into words how proud I was you know. Just choked up and love the kid. He’s an example for so many kids and an inspiration to me too,” says Jeff.

“There are so many times when someone works really, really hard to achieve something and for whatever reason they don’t get it. To see him work so hard and be so dedicated and so committed and get the reward he set out for, that was awesome,” says Shari.

Dylan is a preferred walk-on with the Gamecocks and hopes to be on campus as soon as possible to prepare for the next stage of his football life.