COVID-19 relief fund helping Stingrays players without income


The ECHL and Professional Hockey Players’ Association (PHPA) announced this week the development of a relief fund for players and their families.

It’s one thing if you have a player who’s on a two-way contract with the ECHL and AHL.

However, if you’re only on that ECHL contract alone, that means your income has stopped which makes this fund all the more vital.

South Carolina Stingrays forward Tim Harrison falls under the latter category.

“I’m getting to the point where I’m thinking about maybe scavenging through old hockey stuff and maybe putting that online and maybe selling that,” says Harrison.

Harrison is used to making ends meat.

Many ECHL Players aren’t in amazing financial situations and have to pick up jobs in the offseason like he has for years.

“There’s a couple of summers I did landscaping. A couple of summers I helped my buddies out picking oysters out of the water. I was a bar back one summer,” says Harrison.

But this, this is different.

He can’t just snap his fingers and have a job in an instant.

Hence why he’s moved back in with his parents.

“Obviously I’m in a very fortunate situation where I was able to come back to Massachusetts. My parents put me up and they are supporting me as much as they can in terms of helping me find ways to make money and things like that,” says Harrison.

So how do his parents feel about having him back home?

“I think they might get sick of me yelling at the TV playing Call of Duty with my buddies,” jokingly says Harrison.

Harrison actually finds himself grateful to be in his shoes.

While the fund is there to help guys like him, he understands that everybody is going through those tough times right now.

“It’s given me time to reflect and also think about other people in this type of scenario. The fund to help us is amazing, but if there is people that don’t necessarily feel like we need it, great that’s fine. You can donate to other people and I think there’s a lot of other people who need a helping hand and I think if we can all kind of come together and do that I think it’s a big piece of how we can keep things rolling and help people out,” says Harrison.

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