Fighting MG: Former SC Stingray wife’s search for a cure


The only thing worse than suffering from pain; watching someone you love suffer from pain.

Former South Carolina Stingrays Forward Dave Jarman knows that all too well.

He has seen it first hand with the disease his wife Lauren lives with to this day.

“Something i think about on a daily basis…whether I’m going to be around for my kids and it’s a scary thought,” says Lauren Jarman.

This terrifying thought first came to Lauren in the Spring of 2011.

“Starting with a droopy eye…I woke up and saw that one of my eyes was almost closed and actually thought I was having a stroke,” says Lauren.

The diagnosis was Myasthenia Gravis, also known as MG.

It is an autoimmune neuromuscular disorder characterized by fatigue and exhaustion.

The disease is rare and only affects 20 out of every 100,000 people worldwide.

From then on, life completely changed for Lauren.

She experienced double vision and problems with chewing.

Simple tasks like brushing her hair sometimes required assistance and even breathing became difficult at times.

“I at one point went to bed not sure if I was going to wake up breathing. I woke up gasping for air,” says Lauren.

By her side through it all was her husband Dave, who has helped fundraise for the cause since her diagnosis.

His newest fundraising event came this afternoon at the Patriots Point Links for the Grip It & Sip It for MG Golf Tournament.

Hockey alumni from all over came to show their support and continue to accrue the dollars needed to find a cure for this disease that currently does not have one.

“We want people to know about the disease and to understand…I mean my story is just one story. There’s hundreds of people that have it as bad as I do,” says Lauren.

While the support of over 100 in attendance will go a long way in doing that, it is the loving support of one another that leaves the greatest impact.

“I would be nowhere without him. If anything, we have literally lived our vows and in Dave’s vows he said I will always be there for you in the good but especially the bad and I will never forget that when he said that to me,” says Lauren.

“She’s been an inspiration for us, for our kids, for our parents. We’ve had a completely different outlook on life,” says Dave.

“My dad says if the bad days weren’t so bad, the good days wouldn’t be so good so that’s kind of how we live our lives now,” says Lauren.

Organizers of the fundraising event say the golf tournament raised around $50,000 this afternoon.

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