Fundraising with a purpose


Sports teams and organizations from the college level down to little league have to do some sort of fundraising to keep the teams running. The Lowcountry is home to a fundraising company that partners different charities with fundraising.

The company is called mPower6, and was started by David Beckley. Beckley got the idea for including charity work into fundraising for a couple of reasons. Mainly he was “tired of seeing everybody just ask for money through online donations,” so mPower6 is a way for athletes to give back to the community.

Teams who choose to work with mPower6 choose a charity to partner with, and then have two options. Either a part of the money they raise will be donated to the charity, or the teams will perform acts of community service for the charity.

MPower6 uses an app to reach out to donors via email or text, and that is how they can donate. Beckley says they have worked with more than 6 Lowcountry teams, several high schools and travel organizations.

The company is just over a year old, but Beckley hopes it will grow and continue to be a platform for fundraising and student athlete growth in charity.

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