Berkeley’s Zeigler wins HIT home run derby

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This week at Hanahan High School is the 50th annual Hanahan Invitational Tournament, and to start it off there was a homerun derby Sunday afternoon.

Lots of local ball players competed as well as some from Virginia, West Virginia and even New York.

At the start the wind was blowing out, but through the afternoon though it shift to kind of a cross wind toward right field, so leftys had a real advantage if they could pull the ball and get it high enough.

Hanahan’s field is 325 ft all the way around, but the fences down the line are just 6 feet high.

Hitters had two minutes to hit as many homeruns as possible and if there was a tie there was a one minute playoff.

After the bracket came down to the final four, it was James Island’s Jaxon Weatherford, AC Reynolds’ Cooper Ingle, Berkeley’s Jeffrey Zeigler and Hanahan’s own Jonathan Barham.

The final was a good one. Zeigler and Barham set to face off in the finals, and even fighting the win it was righty versus righty.

They each hit 8 bombs in their 2 minutes, so it went to a playoff. Baraham went first and knocked 3 homers in the minute, but Zeigler, like he did all day, was able to get that one more homerun to win the derby! 

Jeffrey Zeigler said, “I was just coming in knowing that all season we’ve been the underdog at Berkeley, so I mean I felt like the underdog going against a Carolina commit, and then a Coker commit and then a Clemson commit and then another Coker commit, so I just knew that if I won it was on me, and if I lost so what they’re better.”

Jonathan Barham said, “Obviously lefties have the advantage, but I mean two rightys in the finals, so that was big. I think the challenge is pacing yourself because I’m like jello right now, just absolutely fatigued, gassed, nothing left in the tank. The challenge is definitely having to pace yourself. It was tough.”

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