Betting on each other: The Korda sisters’ wager

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Sibling rivalry? Pssh not at the U.S. Women’s Open.

“I think everybody is so disappointed because they think that we trash talk each other or that there is side bets or something,” says Jessica Korda.

Well there is one between sisters Jessica and Nelly Korda. 

Whoever finishes the year ranked lower in the World Golf Rankings has to get a prize for the higher-ranked sister and you may ask what might that be?

“A purse or bag or whatever,” says Jessica.

Oh so like a regular, run of the mill type of purse right?

“She got a Louis (Vuitton) duffle,” says Jessica.

Uhhh…come again?

The wager started in 2017 with Jessica getting the win for the year.

However, last year Nelly took home the French leather hardware. 

Well, not in Jessica’s eyes.

“I still think that I shouldn’t have lost last year because I didn’t play as many events and I had to take a medical at the beginning of this year so I still feel like I’m behind her,” says Jessica with a laugh.

After the price tag is thrown out and the credit card bill is paid off, the two undoubtedly have a loving relationship which is shown everyday they go head-to-head in one of the world’s biggest golf events.

“We’re just trying to be really supportive. I mean we know how hard it is out here so if we see the other one is down, we’ll always try to lift the other one up.”

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