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Chuck Reedy comes back to the Lowcountry

June 26, 2018 - Chuck Reedy said, "you know we're really excited. We thought we would do well, but it's been overwhelming the response that we've gotten so far."

Chuck Reedy coached at USC, Clemson, Baylor and then Goose Creek for 13 seasons. He is the school's all time winningest coach.

Reedy said, "the 13 years at Goose Creek were the most rewarding I ever had, and it was a wonderful experience."

Reedy retired after his time with the Gators finishing off a 40+ year coaching career, so now he found a new calling in the restaurant business. 

Reedy said, "I was looking to get into something else when I got out of coaching, so we went up and tried it out one weekend and were blown away with the the quality of the food, the concept, and so we introduced ourselves to the Prewitts, and we hit it off with them and decided that we would partner on opening one in Charleston."

Do people call you coach anymore?

"I just say Chuck, and a lot of them call me coach just because that's all they know."

After more than 40 years of being the coach, I had to ask coach Reedy if he missed it?

Reedy said, "I miss Friday nights or Saturday afternoons. I don't miss all the other stuff. As hot as it's been I certainly don't miss being out in this heat. I think I'm working harder now than I did when I was coaching. We want to be in the restaurant, and I'm seeing so many people that I haven't seen in the three years since I've been gone."

The Come Back Shack has a really great atmosphere, and with Chuck Reedy at the front of it greeting guests, that makes the atmosphere even better.

Reedy said, "we're on our feet just greeting people and trying to make everybody feel welcome and feel comfortable here in our restaurant."

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