Goose Creek gymnasts raise money for breast cancer research

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Since the summer, the city of Goose Creek Gymnastics have been raising money for breast cancer research. A cause that is very close to their hearts.

The young gymnasts raised $53,000 and as a part of the fundraiser, Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas game to visit, and to say the event on Wednesday night meant a lot to everyone is an understatement.

Growing up we all have idols we look up to, and as young athletes we often times pick idols who are in our sport. Wednesday night in Goose Creek many young gymnasts met one of their idols, Gabby Douglas.

Stacey Croston said, “they look up to us as coaches, so to look up to her and they have to hear what we have to say about their routine, but to hear it from her was their highlight. It really was.”

Because it was a fundraiser there were different levels of interaction with Gabby from pictures and autographs to actual routines performed for her.

“meeting her, and just seeing how amazing it is.” 
“yeah I liked the autographs.”

It wasn’t just the kids who were excited, the community and Gabby say they benefit from events like this as well.

Gabby Douglas said, “I remember being in their shoes talking to my role models, and it’s just really a huge honor. You’re shy. You’re in shell shock, so I think it just means a lot to them, and I’m so happy I can be able to provide that for them.”

Greg Habib said, “you know when you have somebody like Gabby Douglas come and take part and see this beautiful facility, and work with the kids that are here, and interact with our kids and our program. It’s a pretty wonderful thing.”

Gabby Douglas visiting Goose Creek was amazing for the gymnasts, but like I said earlier, the fact that this was a breast cancer research fundraiser was very close to home for the Goose Creek gymnastics community.

Habib said, “some may or may not know, our gymnastics coach recently completed treatment, so it really hit home for us that the girls would get out and participate at that level and raise so much money.”

Mayor Habib Is talking about Coach Stacey Croston Who was overwhelmed with happiness and support from her community and girls, and was blown away by the people who supported this cause for a fundraiser.

Croston said, “I sent it out to an email out to the entire recreational and class, team program and asked them what they wanted to do. Whether it was Make a Wish or to Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I had an overwhelming pouring of emails saying, definitely breast cancer research foundation to where I had to stop.”

The fundraiser was a huge success and maybe even more excitement around the fact that Coach Stacey Is now cancer free and says her girls helped her find strength through the battle.

Croston said, “I would come in knowing the girls needed to see strength, and the only times I missed is the days I had chemo. I was here everyday because of them. That’s what made me get through it.”

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