As a child, you’re always told to reach for the stars.

And for what Tessa Mudd does, it almost feels like she’s taking that on a literal term.

“So far, I’ve been to two national competitions.,” said Mudd. “Freshman year, I came in second place in state in Pole Vault, 100 meter and 200 meter.”

A true athlete, none the less.

And although, she’s only spent 3 years Pole Vaulting, she’s already finding herself making a name at some of the biggest events.

Like the Adidas High School Indoor National Championships.

“I knew with the Women’s open Pole Vault I had a pretty good chance of walking away with the Gold.,” said Mudd. “Which ended up happening. Which is pretty exciting.”

But a skill like this, takes time, determination, and a whole lot of will power.

And her coach said Tessa, checks every box.

“One of the skills she has that a lot of pole vaulters don’t have,” said coach Tom Reagan, “is the mental ability to just go for it. I can hand her any pole, she doesn’t question, she just goes.”

Now Tessa already hold the SCISA record for Girls, and is now shooting for the boys record.

But told me, she’s got a lot left to prove.

“As of right now, goal is to hit 13 feet,” said Mudd. “There are actually two girls that I train with that vaulted higher than me So good competition there. Go D1 and hopefully when some titles in college and we’ll see.”