The 24-hour Racing Man



Endurance, strength, and a whole lot of will power.

These are just some of the traits that are needed, and necessary, to compete in a 24-hour race.

For Jacob Moss, well, he seems to possess these traits, and maybe a little more.

“It makes it unique because, actually running so far on a track,” said Moss. “A lot of people think of the track as short distance, you’re going to run the 400 meter or maybe the mile. Most people don’t think about running 24 hours on a track, running over a 100 miles. So it’s a lot different then what most people are a custom to thinking about.”

But in the beginning, Jacob never really saw this in his future.

But while running Cross Country in College, his coach noticed that Jacob would be a good fit for these events.

“Well my Cross Country coach in College was actually an Ultra guy,” said Moss. “So that’s what kind of started the interest. When I moved the Charleston, I started running some of Chad Hoffman’s races. Went out and did it and realized it was really hard and I was also really good at it.”

From then on, a connection was made.

Jacob started competing in every event he set his eyes on.

And after 3 long years, he found his way to making it on team USA, for the World Championships.

Where only the top 6 runners, get the honor to wear the flag.

A dream come true of course.

But just part of the goal.

“Well the first thing I did, was I walked over to my wife and I said, well we finally did it,” said Moss.” And I can barely stand, because I’ve been running foe 24 hours. I’ve been trying at this for 3 years. So yeah, it’s been a ton of work and multiple years to finally reach that mark.”

Now the hunt is on.

As team USA, gets ready for the 2021 World’s Competition.

The World’s competition is set for May 2021 in Romania.

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