Attorney Ronnie Richter — one of the attorneys for the Estate of Gloria Satterfield — joined News 2’s Carolyn Murray to provide expert analysis on the prosecution’s closing argument in the Alex Murdaugh murder trial.

In speaking about what he believes were the strongest points of the closing argument, Richter pointed to the “clear theme” presented by prosecutor Creighton Waters: motive, means, and opportunity. He also applauded Waters’ use of evidence regarding the timeline surrounding the murders at the kennel and the strength of expert testimony by Dr. Kenny Kinsey.

However, Richter also said that he felt Waters’ argument was too long and relied on too many data points.

When asked whether he was surprised that Jim Griffin would give the defense’s closing argument, Richter said he was not.

Lastly, Richter said he believes any of the three possible jury outcomes — guilty, not guilty, hung jury — are possible in this case.