COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Investigative reports and an audio interview connected to a deadly accident involving the Murdaugh family’s longtime housekeeper Gloria Satterfield were released Monday morning.

Satterfield’s death at the Murdaugh’s Colleton County home was ruled a trip and fall accident. It has long been believed that the family’s dogs caused the accident. But that story changed last week after Murdaugh claimed in recent legal filings that the family’s four dogs – Bubba, Bourbon, Blue, and Sassy – did not play a role in her death. Murdaugh instead said he created the story to secure a larger insurance payout.

According to the documents, Murdaugh told investigators that he was at work when his wife, Maggie, called him after finding Satterfield in a pool of her own blood on the front steps – a scene both Margaret and Paul Murdaugh described in a 9-1-1 call.

Satterfield was allegedly at the family’s home to pick up a check. Both Paul and Margaret claimed to be asleep at the time of her arrival.

Margaret said she heard the dogs barking in an unusual tone “as if something bad happened.” She found Satterfield on her back, head toward the bottom of the steps, bleeding from a head wound.

She noted that four dogs were walking near Satterfield. The housekeeper was eventually airlifted to Trident Hospital where she would later die.

Murdaugh was interviewed weeks after the accident.

“She knew where she was, she knew who I was. I mean she obviously was not functioning at full capacity, but she did, she knew those things,” Murdaugh said.

“Did she describe the chain of events in any way to you? Obviously, she was out of it,” asked an investigator.

“She indicated that the dogs caused her to fall,” he replied.

Nautilus Insurance Company covered Murdaugh after the 2018 accident in which he secured a $4 million wrongful death settlement that was supposed to go to Satterfield’s sons. Instead, he embezzled the money using a shell account.

Nautilus is now suing Murdaugh over the settlement of nearly $4,000,0000. But Murdaugh said the company should go after the Satterfield’s for the money.

Attorneys from the Bland Richter Law Firm, who are representing the Satterfield family, believe Murdaugh is now making this claim to avoid having to pay any more money. They said his murder conviction in March 2023 proves he is a liar.

Meanwhile, the documents show two of the family dogs, Bubba and Bourbon, underwent obedience training. Blue, a year-old male Labradoodle, was described as hyper-active and “constantly escaping from his kennel and difficult to command and control.” Sassy, a puppy, was acquired in January and had not undergone training.

Bourbon was picked up from a dog trainer in Jasper County a day (or a few days) before the incident.

Margaret told investigators that while the dogs were friendly, it was not uncommon for the dogs to “get under people’s feet” whenever they came to the house.

Attorneys said Murdaugh’s latest filing could potentially open him up to new criminal charges including insurance fraud. They said the Satterfield family does not plan to reopen the death investigation.